• I have been having problems with my mowers electrical system.  It started at the start of summer when we needed a new cylanoid.  I needed to mow the lawn while we waited for the part so I was connecting the + and _ with a screwdriver to start the engine.  Cylanoid came put it in and found I had blown a fuse.  No bigee, I replaced it and for the past few weeks no problems.  Today I blew another fuse.  I replaced it went about 2 minutes and it blew.  Replaced it went about 5 feet and than it blew.

    Anyone know what is wrong with my mower that it is blowing fuses like that?

  • You have either a short in your electrical system (grounding on teh frame), or a problem i nthe power regulator system (varying types depending on make).

    Look for loose wires, bare wires first.

    Also, be sure the selenoid was wired correctly when it was replaced.

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    Nothing a 76mm pack howitzer with full charge can’t fix.

  • Psst…you need an electrician, not a mechanic (well, maybe you do…).

    Check your fuses for the correct rating.  That would be the easiest to fix problem.

    Also, with electrical circuitry, if one thing goes bad (or starts to go), it can destroy other parts in the circuitry.  Check around and make sure everything else is ok.  A multimeter could help if you can get in to the guts of it.  It’s possible that the solenoid was defective, but I wouldn’t run out to replace it immediately.

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