• 2023

    I think the War Game by Jeff Stein was an attempt to make a better Axis and Allies. With no G40, that I knew of, I fell in love. If I love something, I have to try to make it better. G40 solves a lot of the problems I was trying to fix in a more elegant way. It is also a much more practical game. I think I could play G40 with just one other person. My game, I will call it Bonfire needs at least 4. It also takes too long. You can get 2 or 3 turns done in about 8 hours. I am going to change it again, because Britain and should be more fun. I am going to add ANZAC and possibly do something else with India. G40 did split India exactly the same way I did in Bonfire, I also added two more Russian territories.
    What is special about my game is that each nation has a personality. Unit costs are not uniform, and unit attack and defense are also not uniform. Most major nations have a pool of leaders they can activate when they want, but these leaders only last for at most 3 turns, or for unstable Germany 2. You have to decide when and where you need them. Each nation’s leaders are different. Some are boring and ho hum, some your enemies will fear and some they may secretly endorse.
    Russia is much stronger and less likeable in my game. China can be killed but only with great effort. My changes will be to make Britain more fun to play and less of a punishment for past misdeeds.
    I am long past the point of trying to sell anything. If you happen to have a The Wargame board to modify or you just want to take a look I will email you my rules for free. Each nation has its own production chart for unit costs and I modified the map by adding a few more lines here and there.
    The “Wargame” is a D12 based system and inflation has nearly doubled the cost of everything. As in standard infantry cost 6, not 3.
    Real life keeps messing with my hobby! Thank you, guys, for being here. I hope to play something with you soon.

    P.S. If you have actually read my rules and have suggestions, I will at first resent it, then appreciate it and may ultimately agree with you. I put a lot of thought and effort into this.

  • @Draginfut Well i helped on that game and map… a few things… infantry cost different based on nation in fact, all units have different costs

  • @Imperious-Leader What I meant was that Italian tanks are cheaper than German tanks in my game and cost less. In the War Game, Germany can buy infantry at a cost of five, while Britain and the USA pay 6. I made French Infantry cheaper by subtracting 1 from their attack rating. I added assault guns, dive bombers, cruisers, militia, and fortifications. Japanese and Italian tanks are cheaper, but less effective. Japanese fighters have greater range, just a lot if little tweaks. I let my Microsoft 365 software expire. I need to buy it again and refresh my memory for a complete list of differences.

    The big difference between nations comes in the type of and number of leaders they get and of course money, IPCs, military commerce whatever you call it they have to spend. I was inspired by Panzer General II, Magic the Gathering, The 3rd Reich and a lot of reading.

    It was that Big, beautiful Map in The War Game that I loved most. I liked the bigger China most of all. It is good to hear from you Imperious Leader. My best friend built a table specifically to hold that map in place.

  • @Draginfut The version 2.0 isn’t yet available but you can see it on you tube. its on my limited channel, search The War Game

  • @Imperious-Leader How do I get to your limited Channel?

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