• Recently I was reading about combat in the extreme North of Russia. After the opening days of Barbarossa this Front became a sideshow, consequently the heavy weapons on the front were older systems.

    There were reports of German fighting in Somua S35 tanks opposed by M3 Lee tanks operated by Russians.

    Is this not the oddest tank duel?

    If you had to choose, which tank are you taking?

  • @ABWorsham4 thr Somua. Better armoured and armed with a good gun , fast enough too.
    Having a crew of three , being the only set back I can think of .

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    Definitely a very odd battle.

    Probably the Somua S35.

    Near equal road speed and superior off road speed, better armour overall, and a shorter height (always important for hiding).

    Also, at the time the Germans were winning, so I can call in artillery or infantry to help out if necessary, and more of those than my enemies could (at least in terms of combat effectiveness).

    A lot of it is probably due to bias toward France and Germany during this time period in general though.

    I’ll say before researching I overestimated the Somua S35’s “superior to most German tanks in the Battle of France” capabilities and severely underestimated the M3 Lee/Grant’s “hopelessly obsolete against the Japanese” capabilities, at least on paper.

    I think I was confusing the M3 Lee/Grant with the Stuart.

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