• I was thinking of making my own maptiles, and incorporating mountains into them.  I think they should have the following effects:

    1. Soldiers (non-artillery) can only move into mountains during the move phase, and if they do, then they cannot move OR attack in the assault phase.

    2. Mountains are double movement cost for artillery.  If an artillery piece only has one movement point left in it’s relocation, it cannot move into the mountains.  If an artillery piece has “Large” under it’s abilities, it cannot enter mountains at all, unless along a road.

    3. All soldiers gain cover and can only be attacked from medium range or closer while in mountains.

    4. Vehicles cannot enter mountains at all, unless along a road.  Vehicles do not gain cover while in mountains.

    Whaddya think?  A little far-fetched?  :|

  • 8.5 out of 10  :mrgreen:

  • That’s a decent grade.  Do you have any suggestions/criticism?

  • Well its a good peice, but I feel it restricts AFV’s and Big artillery peices too much.

    But if you were doing Italy it would be a very good peice.

  • 1. I see no problem with only non-artillery soldiers being able to enter them, but the whole “if they do, then they cannot move OR attack in the assault phase” seems clunky.  What’s wrong with a simple movement roll? If you want it to be harder to get up just put a -1 on the roll.

    Another item I might think about is not allowing units with “Thin Wheels” and/or Soldier-Motorcycles to ride up the side of mountains.

    2. Except as noted for 1, seems fine.

    3. Exactly what type of mountains are you picturing here? If anything they might be even more exposed on the mountains and not hidden (Again all depending on what you’re picturing). Unless you’re thinking of more forested mountains; in which case a ‘camoflauge’ type ability might work (or +1/+1 defence, +1 cover, steely resolve etc etc).

    For playability this could skew things a bit, though that can simply be handled by where you place the mountains.

    4. If infantry are so hard to spot, why are vehicles completely exposed? It’s still very likely they have places to hide, go hull down, or even be on the other side of the mountain, etc etc.

    I also like the idea that being on a mountain gives you better LOS, though I’d want to keep it simple like Superior Optic on the Nashorn.

    My suggestion would be:

    Mountain Hex

    • Provides cover
    • Requires a movement roll with a -1 penalty (ie 5 or 6) to enter.
    • Double movement for soldier-artillery to enter.
    • Units which count as vehicles for the stacking limit, and units with thin wheels, may only enter mountain hexes along a road.
    • Units on a mountain hex may ignore the one non-mountain hex blocking their LOS.

  • Thanks for the input DL.  It seems you are the scenario guru, so I’m glad to have heard something from you.  I’ll letcha know when I make the maps, and include pictures.  :wink:

  • No problem.

    I do like the idea of forested mountains with some sort of ‘camoflauge’ built in for a Monte Cassino or Japanese scenario.

  • You’re right in saying that non-mountain hexes do not block LOS too.  I wasn’t thinking about forested mountains though; maybe they should further improve units’ “stealth” by making them only able to be attacked at short range?

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