• I’ve got a good friend who has one irritating habit. He always tells new friends and/or A&A opponents that he has never been beaten playing Germany. As far as I know it is true (I’ve played against him and seen him play a lot of games as Germany.) I have challenged him to a 1:1 game, but he has never played me 1:1. From now on, after he crows, I think I will include the fact that he has never taken me up on my 1:1 challenge.
    Oh, well! One friend a little less friendly.

  • i have a friend who yells the moment after taking something “have you moved it? move the chip down two spaces. let’s go!” (referring to the handy “IPC tracker”). His Macho Man immitations after winning a dice roll also have to go
    (“oh yeah - take that . . . yeah!”)

  • Actually I find most habits and antics to be quite cute. It’s a mechanic that makes the game more lively and entertaining. Personally, in team-matches, my bother and I will perform the Clipper’s Sign every time we win a big battle. What I am annoyed most at are opposite players asking, “are you done yet?” To all players beware, this usually means that you’ve missed something the other player doesn’t want you to catch.

  • It’s even more fun playing a stranger and claiming you just learned the game snickers

  • Well, when you’re girl “war gamer," it’s inherent. 🆒

  • Good, use that to your advantage. Exploit it for a good victory. It will wake them up…

  • Works well for poker too 😉

  • I find it difficult to play against those that lack the maturity or attention span to play an entire game, especially if it’s with a group and they only play one or two countrys.

  • Agreed. I try to limit such casual games where I know 1 or 2 players will back out do to the lack of interest. You can look at it 2 ways I suppose. A challenge left to you to get the game back in your alliance’s favor or the burden to hopefully clean up the mess…

  • All good points!
    Witty exit found here.

  • Yeah, that happened when I had my first game with my cousins and brother. There was four of us, and my one cousin quit in the second turn (bastard). We didn’t know what to do, but we didn’t want to stop, but my brother said he didn’t want to control all 3 allies. SO, we made Russian units neutral, which was pretty stupid…the axis won TOO easily.

  • I often remember that all the dirty tricks and annoying habits do result often in a higher winning percentage. Do the players that you are matched up against, simply irritate to throw you off your game? I am reminded on one such case where I went up against a fellow Axis and Allies player that couldn’t stop talking. I’m serious; the whole ordeal was simply excruciating, and this coming from a guy that usually kept to himself! Every single move I made, whether it was simply placing my units or routinely refilling my transports, he would question and nitpick at it. Always pressuring you to hurry up and end your move, whereupon the start of his, he would spend 5 minutes intentionally pondering on what to purchase.

    Did he win? You sure bet he did. And it was not the fact that he was a better player tactical wise, but because he could convince you to reconsider your own sound moves and making senseless judgment errors. I still believe that the 99% of all Axis and Allies players are fine, upstanding individuals, but there are just some people who will go to any level to win. And when you go up against these like, question yourself if the game is really worth playing against him.

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