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    Ok let me quote what you said over here:


    airsoft is really better than paintball?  I enjoy my welts with dignified pride, and i like creating welts on people.  Does it hurt with airsoft? how do you know when you are hit?  paintball may be expensive and airsoft guns can shoot fast, but some paintball guns can shoot real fast too.  They have paint grenades, land mines- either pressure or trip wire, new guns coming out with paint grenade launchers-sounds cool, and there are some heavy machinge guns that use three barrels in kind of a triangle with three huge hoppers, you can make a machine gun crew with crewmembers armed for defense.  We dont have any of those nifty things but its nice to dream.  Imperious, maybe your paintballs weren’t so great, or your barrel.  Its terrible hearing about someone giving up the greatest sport ever, if its outside somewhere.

    #1, I wouldn’t mind giving or taking welts… That to me isn’t the issue… If you have some pride issue with getting welts or giving them, go to Japan and play airsoft… No Safety limits, 600 FPS+ weapons, no hit calls (they can empty there mag on you if they want)…
    #2, Yes it hurts, especially if you have an uber elite gun that is 500 fps+… Do stock guns hurt compared to Paintball? Read #1…
    #3, I don’t doubt the speed or velocity of paintball guns, I just would rather shoot a 1:1 replica weapon, and mod up based on the MilSim… Yeah, we got our line of weapons too… 2 types of Grenades (refillable bursts BB’s, or inexpensive Water-Pressured ones that explode there outer core like shrapnel), M249’s, M60’s Vulcans (I have heard this thing at a distance during a night op, and it is the total beast on the battlefield! Our boys coming into respawn were complaining about this sucker) Mg-42’s… Last op we had here the ANG donated a AFV for the fight, and in Op Irene in Kentucky the Airsofters there had several per team… And if you can’t find it, but don’t mind affording it, anyone with some metal shop skills and knowledge of AS guns can mod you just about any weapon…
    #4, Forget water bottle heaters, I play Bulge free of anything baby…

    Paintball is a great sport, I can attest personally that it is faster then most skirmish AS Games, and you usually get more trigger time… We are milsims, we like our field tactics…


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    Reasons why Airsoft will take over paintball:

    1. the guns look better and are more historically accurate. This includes the magazine which for ww2 reinactors is a crucial point. I plan on buying a Mp44 or MP40 and getting a Waffen SS uniform and joining one of these many groups. I may go usa and get a thompson so i can be like Sgt. Saunders ( vic morrow- Combat!)

    2. the guns no not need to be maintained or cleaned as much as a paint gun.

    3. The guns are more reliable because they don’t cut the balls requiring you to clean out the barrel and risk getting shot at.

    4. the price of .20 gram pellets is like 1/20th the cost of a paintball

    5. the cost of the gun is much less and you get alot for what you pay for.

    6. The pain of getting hit is nothing compared to a 300PSI paint ball. Thats mostly due to the size of the ball and the density of it.

    7. The problem of getting paint all over your uniform and hair is not possible with a pellet.

    8. You are not required to wear a huge mask system that covers your head… goggles are fine. This provides comfort when running around all day.

    9. The only drawback is the “honour system” which can be used by cheaters to avoid having to sit out till the next game.

    I have played paintball since like 86’ with those original daisy’s co2’s and i own 2 paint guns ( autococker and a prolite with a sniper barrel)

  • 2007 AAR League

    indeed, its hard to enforce the honors system.  We make sure to check for new paint marks on each other to see if someone tried to wipe themselves off.  How do you call yourself out with little pellets? In paintball it one shot, gut, chest, or head or 2 hits in any limb or extremity.

    For some reason i like cleaning my tipman.  Tipmans are the ak of paintball, you dont have to clean often and its basically a two piece gun when you open it.  Its not great, but not bad.

    If you do happen to need to clean a barrel, refill your hopper, or exchange a new co2 or compressed air tank,  that’s just part of combat.  Either hunker down low or have a friend try to give you some cover.  Trees are optimum, i like that extra little intensity in a huge shootout and you have to change out.

    Do you guys play airsoft in forests?  With camo?  How do the pellets make it through brush, tall grass, twigs and sticks, with enough effective force for the hit?

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    I just bought my gun and i havent done much other than shoot it and research it to find out that its the best for the money. here are the specs>.



  • 2007 AAR League

    I have an Electric automatic P90 my favorite gun and its cool and yea I like airsoft better then paintball because it is cheaper and well being 16 I don’t have a job so thats a plus and you still feel it when you get shot unless you’re wearing like 2 sweatshirts so it’s still fun 😄

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    You yell “Hit”… The other aspect I like about airsoft is that it feels more “Teamish”… In Paintball you have teams, but your forced to use that team in the full capacity depending on the mission you have been assigned… So you won’t forget about little Jimmy and his weak stock gun cause he might be your best suppression gunner (in my case I specialize in that area :-D…)

    I have to reload… And often under fire… Thanks I think that is all I could do… Carrying around a screw driver, Allen Wrench set, and extra parts is not fun…

    I live in the Boon Docks, so most of my fighting is done in the woods… You just have to put more BB’s out to “cut” the terrain down, so yes in comparison that is another disadvantage… Most of the time it cuts through pretty fast, or finds the “one opening”… Camo is staple, no padding though… Some guys have Camo stockpiles, BDU’s in 6 different countries, Digital, Marpats, Winter, Summer, Desert, Forests, Urban, you name it…

    Oh and another weapon I forgot to mention that we have: Claymores…


  • 2007 AAR League

    yes, i forgot that as well, paintball has a new claymore set.  You take those itty-bitty co2 tanks that are about palm size.  Take 6 of them and put them in and then there are about 15 tubes in arc formation and each contain two paintballs or one, i cant remember.

    I dont understand if it doesnt hurt as bad as paintball what really would stop someone from acting berserker.  In paintball your body might just become one big welt.  I like the fear factor of worry about getting lit up with stupendous pain, i think it makes people act as real to the real thing as possible.  No one in a real battle would get out of cover without a good chance of making it to where-ever he wanted to go.  Perhaps its the same in air soft, but i dont know.

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    No we get the same sensation… It doesn’t hurt as much, but with the feeling of “I-Don’t-want-to-let-my-team-down” and the pain, that keeps us in that mode too…


  • Hmm…suppose someone has made a BAR?  Has to be my favorite weapon from WW2.

  • Actually theres a site that converts paintball guns to look like real weapons, ranging from WWII to today.  Want a paintball gun that looks like a Thompson or an MP40?  That site was able to do it.  Im sure if I look for it I can provide a link……but im about to play some Day of Defeat: Source.  Will do it later though.

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    Hmm…suppose someone has made a BAR?  Has to be my favorite weapon from WW2.



    plus others… Check that site out, It is the biggest AS WW2 distributor I know of…


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    Yea and they have MP42 machine guns too. The reinactors are soo hardcore the guns use empty shells where you stick the pellet inside and when the gun gets shot the shells go flying just like the real run. The sound is very scary not to mention the realism. I got a video of it somewhere.

  • 2007 AAR League

    Mech i’ve seen an AK and a m-1 garand for paintball.  The questions is how good are they to use.  Are they making more for sure?  About the coolest thing i saw was the 3 barrelled heavy machine gun.

  • @balungaloaf:

    Mech i’ve seen an AK and a m-1 garand for paintball.  The questions is how good are they to use.  Are they making more for sure?  About the coolest thing i saw was the 3 barrelled heavy machine gun.

    I cant seem to find the website for the paintball guns……but I can tell you it was awesome site.  The gun conversions were fairly cheap.

  • A buddy of mine went to a security training facility, where he says they used real guns that were capable of firing real bullets, but instead they were using rounds made of lipstick, or something like that.

    I thought that sounded pretty cool, because it gives an authentic feel, but obviously you’re not killing/wounding anyone.  😉

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