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    Sorry if any of these have been asked and answered elsewhere (and also if these are obvious and I just missed in the rules), I didn’t notice any threads on this so thought I’d come here. I had a few clarifying questions on amphibious assaults I wouldn’t mind having cleared up!

    • For the artillery bombardment that gets to happen from defending artillery units on amphibiously assaulting units, is that on top of their regular defense, or in lieu of? So for example, if I have 2 artillery defending, do they get their 2 shots at the amphibiously assaulting units at the beginning of the phase, and then also their standard defensive roles as well? I wasn’t sure if the initial bombardment replaced the defensive roll entirely, almost serving like a first strike with subs in other A&A games.

    • Do fighters have any negative impacts when joining an amphibious assault? I know tanks don’t get their special attack ability when amphibiously assaulting, but I wasn’t sure if fighters had the same negative affect (i.e. do they help with aerial superiority and/or do they get strafing shots)? I had thought I’d read it in the rules, but when we ran into this in the game I couldn’t find it again. Quite possibly I was totally misremembering what I read, but thought I’d ask for clarification!

    • I’ll use the actual game example here for ease. The UK amphibiously assaulted Kiel. The naval base there of course allowed for the use of mines. After the initial attack, Kiel was contested. If on the UK’s next turn they want to send their transports back to London, pick up more troops, and land them in the contested zone of Kiel again, do the Germans get another round of mine attacks? I wasn’t sure if the territory being contested made this not possible.

    Thanks in advance!

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    While not an expert, I can still anwser your questions:

    The extra artillery pre-attack is on top of their regular defence.

    Fighters still operate normally.

    As for tanks, they still actually operate normally in amphibious assaults. It only doesn’t work with regards to the artillery pre-attack (so a tank cannot absorb an artillery’s pre-attack, but can absorb hits in regular combat during the amphibious assault).

  • @Chris_Henry The mines remain active for Germany as long as it controls the naval base. It controls the naval base as long as the territory is either controlled by Germany or contested, unless Berlin is not controlled by Germany. See “Naval Mines” in the rulebook if you have the new Renegade printing, or the FAQ if you have original one.

  • @Krieghund

    So the rulebook is different! Nice.

  • @Krieghund Thanks for that! I must have just overlooked in the rules. And yes, I do have the new rulebook from Renegade. Thanks again!

  • @SuperbattleshipYamato Thanks for this!

  • @Chris_Henry

    You’re welcome!

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