• 😉

  • There will be water if God wills it.


  • I need a God and Goddess divinity option…

  • I voted for evolution+god……or as most of the world know it as…evolution+chuck norris.  😉

  • I voted other: evolution, and since it’s impossible to know if there is a god or anything else in a superior reality, i prefer to not affirm anything about it.

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  • What’s the difference between “No evolution + Genesis” and “No evolution period” ?

    There are a lot of ideas out there that fit in the “No evolution” category.

    • There’s FSM, which I don’t think anyone seriously believes.
    • There’s Young Earth Creation, which believes in 24-hour days and an Earth that was created roughly ~6000 years ago with its chronology corresponding to the Bible.
    • There’s Progressive Creation, which believes in the Big Bang and chronology according to the geological column, but that God directly created every single species, and then they would die off every now and then for God to re-create them later.
    • There’s Gap Theory Creation, which is that God created the universe directly billions of years ago and that Satan was the leader of the people, and he led a rebellion and God destroyed the world and started over about 6000 years ago with Adam & Eve.

    And various other inbetween positions.

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    And then there’s Pastafarianism  :lol:

    I believe in intelligent design, and so voted Evolution+God. Life is too complex, and made up of far too many perfectly coresponding variables, to be made from pure luck and chance.

  • OK Avin, instead of “no evolution period”, perhaps I should have put “no evolution & no Genesis”. That would have included the flying spaghetti monster theory and all other nonsense. What I find interesting so far is that the vast majority who believe in evolution,also believe in GOD. It seems that the “creationists” assume that we’re mostly atheists!!

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    I think Luna, the moon goddess got dumped by the Sun God and her tears fell to the earth, where they landed man popped up.

    Hey, it’s as viable as the theory of evolution, using Switch’s definition!  I can test it all I want!  (Can’t prove it, but who cares?  Obviously not science!)

  • I think that Genesis got ripped to shreds. Some people are not sheep and do not buy everything that is presented especially if it sounds like total horsesh*t!!

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    There will be water if God wills it.


    I’m with Rob. NO EVOLOTION and GOD ALL THE WAY!!!

    you know it only took like 8 to 9 thousand years for man to populate from 2 people to 6+ billion today. So I’m not sure why people talk about millions of years… God has no begining and no ending and it is not for us to completly understand that because many things are little mind cannot just phantom.

    Evolution is wrong from the start anyway…There is no way everything on this planet evolved perfectly to work together like it is today with all the different sorts of animals etc…

    People should read the King James version of the bible to understand our begining and what is to come. It explains everything we need to know about life in there and how to live life. even explains in very descriptive details the problems Israel face today and why they face them etc…

    you just need to look at the sky , oceans  to see the wonderful works of the Lord (god is 3 in 1 for those that don’t know. God the father, god the son and god the holy spirit)

    if God gave us the choice to believe in him or not why would he do great miracles in front of your face so you could go oh hey I now believe because I seen this etc…

    and actually he did walk among us in the flesh… ( Jesus Chris ) and did marveleous works and miracles in front of everybody but they condemed him and would not believe he was the son of God and they crucified him. (and its cause he died for us there on that cross that whomsoever believeth in him may have eternal life)  “eternal” thats a long time guys  :-D… I don’t plan on spending “eternal” days forever in the other place…

    yes I understand people will probably make fun of me for all that and it probably will not change there minds on the matter but thats always been the case and it will not change. (christians will always be made fun of)

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    yes I understand people will probably make fun of me for all that and it probably will not change there minds on the matter but thats always been the case and it will not change. (christians will always be made fun of)

    Think of it this way.  If we were Jews we’d be killed, not made fun of.  See the blessings we get?

  • Being “made fun of” is a small price to pay compared to the price Jesus paid for us.

    It could be worse……much worse.


  • 2007 AAR League

    even being killed for believing is better then the alternative no questions asked. its not even a debate.

  • @MauserBob:

    Being “made fun of” is a small price to pay compared to the price Jesus paid for us.

    It could be worse……much worse.


    The price Jesus paid ?? He was amongst the luckiest son of a bitches to ever walk the planet, next to Hugh Hefner. He merely had a bad day there at the end.

  • ‘Merely’…indeed.


  • I believe in evolution - I’ve read about it, I understand the concept.  The bible has some interesting things to say (from “respect your parents” to “if you don’t marry your brother’s widow, give her a shoe”), but I don’t take it as fact.  The common problem with both is that, as humans, we are trying to understand our world from a couple of points of view.  Some like grounded/right hand thought - some like open/left hand ideas.  We personify things and suggest that things are in such an order and that they must be understood.  I don’t agree. I think too many people look for meaning or order when it’s not to be found.  We try to explain the unexplainable, as if there was a human element in everything we look at.  Face it - not everything is about us.

    I’m pretty skeptical when it comes to things.  Even science matters - I don’t always swallow what I’m told.  That’s why some of the approaches made with religion really turn me off.  It’s not really my style - maybe it’s yours, more power to you.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-Christian, I just think many people have lost sight of its intent and have diverted their path.  It seems to me that the ideal application of many of the major religions have similar aims, but rarely do someone follow them.  Can’t blame them, it’s hard to - this world is crazy.

    But in terms of Evo vs. Creation, I’ll say again that they aren’t mutually exclusive - they aren’t trying to explain the same thing.  It’s possible to believe both - it’s also possible that both are wrong.  Only that evolution has evidence, and Creation has none.  It boggles me that someone would argue that there’s nothing going for evolution (which is asinine), yet insists that there is a God, who had a son (and he died for our sins), and there’s not one doubt about it.  Mere hearsay, but believe what you like - it’s your right.  Following some of the assertions made here: if God made this grand and beautiful world, why did  he make so many terrible things too?  There’s no right answer to that.  I would just have to mount question after question to some of the blind declarations - that is my style - because Christianity just isn’t grounded enough for me to believe everything right off.

    Yet, when I stop to think about it, it really doesn’t matter which is correct.  The fact of the matter is that we are here, and, by the looks of it, it’ll be a while before we go.  Why not focus on something more important, say, starvation around the world?

  • screw starvation around the world!! you feed the lazy bastards!!

  • 2007 AAR League


    What did he make that was so terrible?

    God did not create “sins” or all the evil things associated with sins.

    all things threw him are good. and when it comes to God. It’s either you believe in him and what he did for you or you don’t believe in it at all. The bible warns about being in the “middle”.

    evolution has not been proved and will not be proved as a fact.

    I am not trying to understand the world as you may think persay… in fact its all going to burn one day anyway.

    theres to many religions that call themselves “christians” as well which is not good.

    the only thing that has evolved is humanity’s stupidty and lack of awareness into the things of God + whatever the Nuclear waste did to the surrounding blast sites back in the day…sure sometihng probably evolved there…mutated whatever…


    screw starvation around the world!! you feed the lazy bastards!!

    I’d love to.  Think how the world would view us then.  And it’s entirely possible; doubtful, though.


    If God is omniscient, and the creator of all things, then why do we have anything negative at all in this world?  As example, I could suggest still birth, hurricanes, tsunamis, drought, miserable conditions for many of the earth’s people, war…and much more.  Why can’t we attribute the existence of sin to it as well?  It seems to me that if God were benevolent, we could be spared quite a bit of pain and suffering.  Why wasn’t atheism & disbelief taken into account?  Why should I be punished for not believing in something?

    Don’t bother answering - as I said, there’s no answer, at least a correct one.  There’s really no question either.  Look, God exists because you believe in such a thing.  But it doesn’t mean that everyone holds the same idea.

  • @NoMercy:

    God did not create “sins” or all the evil things associated with sins.

    If you believe in Creation, then God created it all… sin, Satan, ALL of it.  If it is indeeds God’s creation, then God is the one who put AIDS, starvation, death, disease, pain, damnation, and everythign else into the Universe.

    You can;t have it both ways by saying that he Created Everything, then leave him off the hook for all the crap.

  • 2007 AAR League

    well Switich…

    if thats the case…

    lets say you had a kid and he went and blew up a building for a example… and it was sometihng he decided to do on his own.

    I want you and and Angel held responsible for this because you helped create this kid according to your reasoning.

    you have to remember God is perfect, he created the angel Lucifer WHICH on his own free will choose a wrong path and became Satan because he wanted to be higher then god.

    You cannot hold God accountable for people’s “free will of choice”

    i’m not letting him off the hook for all the crap in the world because he was never on the hook in the first place… WE are on the hook and he has provided US a free way out off it.

    a lot of pain and suffering is from Mankinds disobedience and the cause of Sin that was broguht into the world.

    birth is a good example actually… pain and suffering was brought in for the giving of birth process as a punishement to the woman who disobeyed God and sinned and ate of the forbidden fruit.

    It was pretty simple back then… Adam and Eve were giving dominion of all things in the world, they had all the food etc… they could of asked for. but yet they ate of the fruit of the forbibbden tree in the garden the one thing God told them not to do.

    I am not trying to stuff all this in everybody’s face and force them to believe.
    It’s people choice to believe or not, thats the most important thing.

  • 2007 AAR League

    i dont, he made all the crap because its neccesarry.  If we were all good, then what is choice.  It comes down to choice and you NEED to be able to choose from good or evil.  What is joy without some misery you’ve experieced.  There must always be a balance that is maintained.  Truly its the ying and yang.  If everything was good and great, what choice to you have to be bad.  You dont have one, you’ve been raped of choice into being good, a slave if you will to being good, there should be no slaves.

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    A)  Yes, I think God created natural disasters and the like.  He also created lions, cheetahs, hawks, owls and sharks.  All of the aforementioned cause strife in one form or another, so what?  He created a method to keep the world in balance, and part of that is “urban renewal” through natural disasters.  Floods in Mesopotamia brought highly fertile soil to the land making farming easier.  But the floods also killed people….

    B)  Darwinism/Evolution would lead you to believe that the weak and infirm should be killed so they cannot reproduce and thus strengthen the gene pool of your species.  Christianity, on the other hand, teaches you to take care of your neighbor so that all might be strong.

    Hmm, I can murder the helpless so that there’s more resources for the strong, or I can help everyone that needs it…hard choice, but I think I’m gunna go with the moral high ground not the ethical low ground here.

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