crockett36 - Allies need bigger bids in all versions

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    @andrewaagamer said in crockett36 - Allies need bigger bids in all versions:

    @crockett36 I can only speak to 2nd Edition OOB and I have not played everyone yet. So far, @JDOW was the best I have played against.

    thank you, sir.

  • I am a newer player with a small amount of experience playing people. I have spent a lot of time reading forum over the last year or two. What I put forward is based a lot on other peoples postings.
    Crockett36 seems to present 60 is a fair bid in OOB because andrew said 60 is a fair bid. I believe when andrew made that statement he may have been referencing himself. A number of people
    have said a fair bid would be a sort of a sliding scale that increases as a persons ability to take advantage of inherent advantages of playing axis in OOB.
    I will post some rough numbers for demonstration purposes.
    tier m v m 50-60
    tier e v e 40-50
    tier 1 v 1 30-40
    tier 2 v 2 20-30
    tier 3 v 3 0-20
    play between players of more widely varying skill such as m v 2

  • on with previous post
    M v 2 may be more dependent on who playing axis
    M axis may give 50-60 where tier 2 playing axis may only give 20-30.
    this part I dont feel as confident about but threw something out in case somebody asked.
    this does sort of gives me a segway into fair bid between tier/skill levels. somebody posted years ago about bids to level skill differences but dont know how to look up. Booper recently mentioned 5 as addressing skill difference between people one level apart. My rough recollection is that it was more of range of 10-20 per every tier difference. They even had different numbers between tiers, such as tier 3 v tier 2 ---- 15-20. Tier 1 v Tier E -----10-15. etc. I would just use maybe 15 between tiers for this example as being more accurate is beyond me and that people who could possibly be more accurate are not going to spend time on it. so now M v 2 becomes.
    tier M axis v tier 2 --------50-60 plus 3 tier difference at 15 each—45 produces a bid of 95-105.
    tier 2 axis v tier M-------------20-30 minus 3 tier difference at 15 each—45 produces a bid of 15-25 to the axis.
    recent example of tier M v tier 2 is ABH v Crockett allies + 100 as a tutor game that ABH won.
    just had this in my head for a few days and wanted to get it out so I could let it go. I am in no way advocating or proposing this for league play. league play is generally about winning,ranking,champion etc. not trying to have everybody have 50-50 records with a 40 way tie for first and last place.

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