Rule question: Transports, Sub, Naval battle and NCM

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    I have a question regarding the rules of non-combat-move (NCM) of the German transports in sz116 - with a russian Sub in the same seazone:

    Is there any legal way in the rules for the fleet to stay in the same field, sink the sub, and NCM transport ground troops from a friendly territory to another friendly territory (for example from Germany to Norway)?

    As i understand the rules, I could load troops, attack the sub and amphibious assault for example Denmark (if Denmark would be Allied occupied).

    From the point of realism it should therefore also be possible to do NCM in the same seazone (if you can do an assault against enemy territory it should also be possible to unload in a friendly port).

    But if i look at the rules in detail it seems i can either load troops in combat-move and do an amphibious assault (same seazone or different one) - or i do not move in combat-move with the transports. But in both ways they cannot move in NCM anymore (assuming that i attack the sub).

    So it somehow looks to me that the only legal way in the rules to be able to do a NCM with the 2 trans is not to attack the sub?

    Is this correct or do I miss something?

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    Your interpretation is correct.
    You can’t attack the sub and disembark troops in NCM.

    Think of it this way.
    You have two phases of movement in the game combat (pre-combat) moves and NCM.
    Only aircraft participate in both phases.
    Land and sea units have to pick one of them to conduct actions in.

    If you attack the sub, the SZ becomes a combat zone and all units in that zone participate in combat (including the transport if it stays). During NCM phase, all of the units in that SZ (including the transport) already moved during combat, so they cannot move in the NCM phase – so no unloading of troops.

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    Surfer is correct. Also, nice map.

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