Ready to lay down some new rules for a new revised A&A world version.

  • 2007 AAR League

    May be in segments.  Still waiting to see if legal.  Letting you all check it out for yourselves, hopefully you’ll find it appeasing to the A&A palate.

  • 2007 AAR League

    Ok, axis and allies enhanced realism rules by the guy who made the game.  First off Imperious leader, he realized that the americans and brits should not be able to go into russia.  Thats under the new “stalinist paranoia” rule. no more of that.  Theres also a bolsievazation clause, and more importantly he goes into depth in the china territories which he includes the 3 orange china areas owned by japan to count as china land under occupation and there are some new rules to go with that.  Question, can i type this on word, and then copy paste onto here?

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    Yes by all means… it does not matter where the ideas come from. This is not a problem. That chap has some good ideas but others are not that good. We’ll have to sort them out.

  • 2007 AAR League

    EXCELLENT!  ok, he says the game is supposed to be played this way, but of course there is some tweaking to be done, which me and my friends have.  I’ll give you all the rules.  Then how me and my buddy molded a few so there isnt a nuclear oblivion every game. I’ll be glad to answer some questions also.

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    Who is this “he” …R.D. baker? you mean you know him?

  • 2007 AAR League

    yes, but i dont know him.  I’ll paraphrase the intro. "I’ve worked on these rules for more than ten years, trying many different combinations to create a more historically accurate game.  Many earlier modifications were discarded due to complexity or new pieces and boards.  These rules rely on the existing map, with just a few changes to make the map work more realistically and i offer a slightly greater variety of unit types.  There is a lot of new information, affecting about every aspect of the game, and i suggest adding one rule per game until all rules are learned (forget that its not too hard).  These rules work best for face-to-face games rather than by email however a pbem protocol is under development.  If you have any questions contact or email at

    there that’s the intro Imperious, but yes the new rules are how R.D. baker says he intends the game to be played now.  This booket is 65 pages long.  Bear with me.  I’ll begin either friday or saturday.

  • oh yes the enhanced realism rules

    by the way does anyone actually but the book?
    its all on the website right?

  • 2007 AAR League

    i have the book, its not on the website.  soon it will be on this site.  Then i will want to play a game, and take the time to learn how to online.  My mind couldnt take trying to go back to the old rules.  It’ll take a few dang days to post however.  Its way better, have you played this way tek?

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    I have this book. I bought it on amazon in like 1997. Its got a few ideas, but some of it is dated by newer ideas. Its actually posted on some site, but i forgot where.

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  • I already take on some of this as my “House Rules.”

    The ones I found useful I posted on Pg 14 of Phase 3.

    But some others can be added as well.

  • 2007 AAR League

    if you have the booklet also, why didnt you know about the stalinist paranoia clause?  Theres a ton to the book, and its better if you use mostly all their rules.  We made a small change in the artillery, because we decided its better to still use AA guns in the game.  There’s alot to add to those websites.  they just give you a little.

  • 2007 AAR League

    those postings have the IC used in a way i dont like.  The book has set standards which i like better because it makes more sense.  The booklet is uniform to each other.  If you use some of the rules from those sites, you would have to go and change other rules to make it even.  The way me and my buddies got it makes a even game that lasts a long long time.

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    Thats why i say “it has some outdated ideas” because it came out and was designed for 2nd edition. The rules about china and Russia are great, while some others are just good ideas. It can only be used in pieces due to some ideas that simply dont work anymore.

  • nope I haven’t actually played enhanced realism rules
    but I was aware of it before I bought the game!

    however several popular elements often appear or adapated into other house rules and variants

    as for using all rules, I agree
    like National Advantages, I won’t think there should be any picking

  • 2007 AAR League

    The new way for the Map: Clarifications  (IF some of this doesnt make sense at first, wait till the whole thing is done, will take some time).  there is a lot to write down yet.

    Anyone who controls the panama canal can treat the sea areas on each side of it as one zone for naval ship movement.  Airplanes can ignore the panama land area as a space when moving across from one sea zone to the other.

    West Canada is adjacent to the sea zone  in East canada for air movement only.  Not for ships.

    S. Africa is not considered adjacent to the mozambique sea area for naval transports or amphibious assaults.  Its is adjacent for air movement.

    LAnd and air units can move between turkey and eastern europe as they would over the suez canal. (helps a ton) 😄

    Black sea.  Naval movement b/w the black and med. sea needs the control of turkey by the same power. except america and britain which both can use if one owns.  The naval movement to eastern europe from the med.sea must go through the black sea.

    Gibralter.  Redraw the sean zone boundry b/w spain and algeria so that it lies b/w Gibraltar and alergia instead.  Contol of Gibraltar is REQUIRED for naval movement b/w the West Spain sea zone and the Eastern med. sea zone.  Subs on non-combat moves can move past enemy controlled gibratlar.  Contol of algeria has no effect on sea movement.

    Baltic sea.  Control of Western europe AND norway is required to move in and out of the baltic to the UK sea zone and vice versa. (except for subs in noncombat move).  Sweden must be neutral or controlled.

    Control of Territory.  control of territory is determined at the instant of use.  If the Suez is captured by the germans, he may move his navy through the suez on the turn of capture.  Aircraft MAY land in just captured territory, even aircraft that just took part in the attack on that territory.  (awesome, i know).  An IC must be controlled by a player for his entire turn in order to place units there at the end of his turn.

    Neutral countries.  You can attack them without paying a 3 ipc penalty.  When you attack a neutral of violate the airspace by flying over, your opponent whose capital is closest to that neutral country rolls 3 dice.  Exception, if you attack turkey or spain, 6 dice are rolled.  The result of the roles is how much ipc’s your opponent recieves to immediately spend on land or air units to place in said country to defend against the attack.  All neutrals have an economic ipc value of 1 when they are controlled by a player. (dont forget).

    i can answer any questions.  I will put down units and retreat options after the simpsons.

  • 2007 AAR League

    Required rules also.

    Players may not build new IC’s

    Placement of naval units in enemy occupied sea zones is allowed

    Must use alternate turn order.  US, G, Russia, japan, and GB in that order.


    Attacking aircraft must land immediately after their battle is resolved, before going on to the next battle. (choose which battles you do in a careful order).  You do not land in noncombat movement.


    Fighters and bombers may enter 1 sea zone when flying to a battle.  When returning from a battle they may enter one sea zone.  Exception- when bombing IC’s bombers may enter one or two sea zones when flying to their targets and one or two sea zones when returning.  (many questions we had for this one, rules later help understand limits) i can answer q’s

    the one sea zone rule does not apply to noncombat movement

    if you attack from an island with planes the opposing navy must be in the sea zone surrounding the island


    can only carry fighters of own nation.

    a fighters flight range from a carrier to its target is always 1

    the carrier can move 1 or two zones before launching its fighters into combat, but must end its turn after doing so.  after combat returning fighters must return to their original carrier (keep these movements tracked)

    Fighters can be attached or detached from a carrier only on noncombat move cycle.  They may not be used in attacking on the turn of their assignment or detachment.

    land based fighters can not land on a carrier after attacking.

    If the carrier based fighters carrier is destroyed, then it must land on another carrier.  If no other carrier, it may then land in an adjacent friendly territory.  If no adj. friendly terr. then the fighter is lost.

    in noncombat a carrier may not move 2 spaces and then launch a fighter with its range of 4


    New fighters may be placed on new carriers built by the same factory.  New fighters can also be placed on existing carriers in an adjacent sea zone.  Fighters that were not built but at the territory as the IC may be placed on a new carrier built by the IC if the fighters didn’t attack on that turn.


    except for carrier fighters and bombers on a SBR, fighters and bombers have a combat range of two to the attack point and a range of two while returning.  Two in and two out. total of four.

    Bombers on SBR

    they have a movement of 3 towards and 3 away to land.  3 in and 3 out.

    fighters have 4 and bombers have 6 in the noncombat move.

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    Most of that mindset is for 2nd edition concepts. The only carryover items from those that can apply are :

    1. no allied planes on your carriers

    2)carrier planes rules

    That rule about planes landing in “just captured territory” has been refuted by playtesting… What happens is it encourages concentration of too many peices in one territory and ruins the game. Anything that encourages the “infantry stack mechanic” is a fossilized concept for axis and allies.

    The turn order sequence is also outdated by all axis all allies movement concept

    The one sea zone idea is still a good idea to discourage the idea of attacking naval units and then flying to land based status on the following turn. However, we have installed new ideas to correct that so the rule is also dated.

    some of the other ideas/problems were resolved by revised AA.

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    I do so hope these will be consolidated into an easy to read PDF when it’s done?

  • 2007 AAR League

    i believe your wrong IL.  For two years we’ve been using these rules.  Much better than the rules we used to play by.  They are not even close to being all typed up.  It makes for a much greater game.  Ifantry stacking is nothing we encounter b/c of heavy infantry, new artillery rules and heavy tanks.  Its all much much better.  We tend to think the game is much better with all of the new rules in play. (except a few, which i will get to while posting rules).

    Jen, i dont know what a pdf is.  or how to do it. notice i still dont know how to quite work the quote button on these forums.  I only have about 20 more posts to go, maybe 25.

  • 2007 AAR League

    dont knock until you’ve tried it.  Its better than the house rules here for sure.  You guys still use rules that dont make sense.  It takes awhile but you have a really different twist to the game and not stacking.  I dont see how you could do that once the nukes come into play, you’d loose all your stacked people.

  • With the map “clarifications” I feel its not structured and not easy to remember.
    Could print a new map instead though.
    It does seem like you aren’t playing revised but an older version of the game.


    Its better than the house rules here for sure.

    Have you checked out AARHE?
    Justifications are included so its quite intuitive.

    Download Link:
    Update Thread:

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    dont knock until you’ve tried it.

    Ive played those rules. That thing has been out for like 15 years. Some of it works and some of it does not. When you play you reduce your tanks back to 3/2? I find 3/3 is much better. You play with 12 IPC fighters? 18 ipc Carriers? 24 IPC battleships? Those are old concepts. What about those Maximum production limits? Japan cant build more than 3 infantry on Japan? Oh thats outstanding… ON J2 Japan is in a world of hurt if they cant make more than 3 infantry. If they build a fac in manchuria that limit is at 2 inf.

    I dont like how they handled Turkey. If you take Turkey you cant move units from Balkans into Turkey as if they are not connected. Whats with that?

    What about victory conditions? are we supposed to play only until one side is “conquered” that could take weeks! it does not take into consideration the victory cities which are an improvement.

    also as you may know no allied units are allowed in the Soviet union… however the replacement for balance in this case is offered with a stupid 6 IPC loan carried by 2 transports… hows that gonna help the Soviets?

    on top of that they reduce soviet units combat values to the point where they are ineffective… this weakens the Soviets too much IMO

    AS i have allready stated many times before many of these rules are very dated and only apply or were meant to apply only to 2nd edition axis and allies. This varient has far succeeded its best intentions and is based on far superiour evolutionary rule ideas. That book has alot to offer and has its influences on many other ideas that form the basis of many good house rules.

  • 2007 AAR League

    tek, i’ll open a new post and put all rules in there.  Any questions or statements by people can come to this one, not the other.  That should help.  It’s gonna take a while

    IL, We still use victory conditions, either minor, major, or total.  Take the cities.  We use the new map.  Carriers, are 16 and hold two, but you can have small 12 ipc carrriers that hold one, and supercarriers that hold 3.  You can even put jets on them.  A whole bunch of new units and different defense and offense hit points are used also.  It evens out here.

    With turkey, i didnt even know that was a rule until i started to type.  i overlooked it for a long time.  i usually just took over turkey and then used trn’s to go into black sea and drop off in caucusus.

    Japan on the other hand, already has 2 IC’s at the beginning of the game.  With heavy units tech, you can build heavy infantry.  That makes up for the 3 and 2 respectivley.  Heavy inf, attack on 2’s, or 3’s on bonzai charges, defend on 4’s on islands and have to be hit twice to die.  One hit drops them to regular infantry.  There’s alot going on.

    The soviets we have had no problem with, because even with reduced effectivness, they get all those heavy inf, all those free units after each turn, russian winter, and more help by national rules.

    The transport rules have been overlooked cause they are rediculous.  One tank per tran or two inf per tran.  Air trans can carry inf also.

    fighters are only 10 ipc in this rulebook, jets are fifteen.

    sorry for being a jerk defending my work here, but this takes time to type, also we have fine tuned some rules and changed little things to make it better.  We’ve been playing this way for 2 to 2 1/2 years.

    sadly tanks are 3/2 but heavy tanks which get hit twice are 4/3 then 3/2.  i think it works well.

  • like Eastern Europe isn’t adjacent to Turkey nor Black Sea
    but your title mentions “revised”

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