• I have two questions concerning Italy:

    First, I struggle to do really anything with Italy. If AH puts any money whatsoever into that front, Italy cannot do so much as win in Venice, really, spare super awesome rolling. With an economy able to only purchase 4 units per turn, I always lose more units per turn than I can make, and Rome is an easy target for AH by round 5 or 6 even if they went hard for Russia first. How do other people handle this? I’m considering making a house rule with convoy zones (perhaps a topic for another thread) that will increase Italy’s income by 1 or maybe 2 so they can purchase 5 infantry, a slight bonus. Any thoughts?

    Second, I have seen a few ideas thrown about concerning how Italy can be houseruled to join either side of the war, but I cannot think of a good way to do this without ruining the balance save a massive IPC and unit bonus for the Entente if Italy swings the other way. Any new developments in this area?

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    i quickly sidelined this game when i saw how unbalanced it was in favor of Allies*(IMO). That was a handful of years ago so maybe some good CP strats have emerged but i doubt it. Do you have an example or some pics of how A-H throttled Italy but the CPs did not lose elsewhere? Really, Italy just needs to hold a stalemate or hold Rome before US arrives.

    No comment on the italy house rule other than I’d like to see it frozen in neutrality for 1 turn, including no purchases or collection, if unattacked or something like that. Having it join CP is way too big of a power shift to try to figure out.

    *off-topic but has tournament rules rectified this somewhat?

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    I have a cool “switching sides” idea like the Ottomans joining the Allies to balance it.

    Unfortunately I don’t remember much of it. I’ll recreate it if you’re interested.

    Italy is just meant to soak resources from the Central Powers and take advantage of opportunities.

  • @colt45554 Tournament rules have really evened the game up with increased movement and other such shifts. I have found that Germany can sufficiently keep France busy in Belgium/Ruhr and AH can toss a few infantry a turn into Venice while together they hit the Russians with a combined force that forces capitulation (political collapse) by as early as turn 4 with good rolls. After this, the only possible thing keeping them from decimating Italy and then France is if the UK managed to take the Ottomans out of the game early and can contest what used to be the Russian territories.

  • @superbattleshipyamato I’ve considered this too, but I haven’t tried it since I’m afraid it would just mean Italy and Germany ganging up on helpless France while AH holds off the hordes from the east, waiting for reinforcements. The Ottomans and the UK need each other as arch nemeses, in my opinion.

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    My idea is based on history, so there will be some limitations on which sides can change.

    The Ottoman Empire could’ve joined the war if the UK didn’t repossess the battleships they ordered.

    I also change the allegiances of minor powers.

    To be fair the Central Powers won when I tested those rules.

  • @tamer-of-beasts Italy should buy infantry and only
    Infantry. Doing this means sometimes you can buy 5 inf a turn . Italy wants to hold Venice and likely needs French help early and then American assistance as soon as possible. Italy needs to be super defensive using its infantry cores in the best way possible - defense!

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    Not always, Italy needs to have the equipment to take advantage of the time when Austria Hungary is out of infantry (only 1) and has mainly artillery after conquering Venice. As long as you have a good infantry to artillery ratio, it’s a good way to even the economic odds.

  • @superbattleshipyamato that’s the only possible time usually to take advantage of the arty italy starts with. Sorry but you’re wrong about Italy ever producing anything but infantry.

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    To be honest, I never tried it. As Italy I guess I’m too aggressive, constantly launching attacks.

  • @superbattleshipyamato yea : Italy doesn’t have the army or the economy to constantly launch attacks - at least ones that aren’t in Italy’s favor .

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    Indeed. The Central Powers and winning in the game, Russia already capitulated (revolution).

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