It was politics, but know we now it was/is Bullschtick…


    LIBERAL DEMOCRAT Bu//shiit!!

    Get Libby!
    Get Rove!
    Get Cheney!
    Get that Bushtard!

    Millions wasted!
    One man’s life destroyed!
    A nation at war made to war with itself.
    Pame & Wilson will get of with fame and fortune.

    In the upcoming movie I suggest
    Plame be played by Susan Sarandon and
    Wilson be played by Sean Penn or Richard Gere.

  • Dude, I gotta say…

    That was an orchestrated leak if ever there was one.

    And all ciurrent testimony points to Cheney as the authorizor of the leak, and that is based on Scooter and Rove’s own statements that also match up with the statements from the reporters.

    If both Republicans within the admin say it was Cheney, and Dems outside the admin say it was Cheney… then it probably was indeed Cheney!

  • 2007 AAR League

    i think it was a republican leak, but they thought it was fair politics because they wanted to get back at their political actions.  They knew she was just a desk sec. in the last years she was there.  Maybe 7 years?  Anyhoo, they wanted to retaliate a political move tit for tat.  They got them pretty good, but the plames bathed in the glory of instant liberal celebrity, which is all over the place, and really didnt seem to be that endangered or at a loss.  Anyone see that photo in, was it time magazine.

  • Then admit it and be done with it.

    It has already cost Scooter his job (wonder what he is getting in exchange for not totally spilling the beans on this) and has tainted several others.

    If it was a political hack job, admit it, take all the thunder and righteous indignation way from Plame and Wilson.  Then they are just two people who were gotten the better of in political hack jobs… Wilson fired first and missed; Cheney fired back, and took out Wilson’s wife.

    It would be ACCEPTIBLE as a hack job by both sides.  But the way it played out with all the denials (eventhough anyone with half a brain knew that the Admin was gunning for Wilson), it turned Plame into a “victim” of the Admin.  And that gets press.

  • 2007 AAR League

    the press turned it into more than a hack job.  They might of been honest but the media was to fired up to bash on the white house, any showing of responsibility would have been suicide. Without the media storm it might of happened, but the media was waiting and drooling for the chance to try and run out whoever they could.

    P.s. switch, i will post the rules but i’m still not sure about some aspects of doing it.  check the silly post again.

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