Watched Stalag 17(1953)Timeframe : Battle of the Bulge

  • The movie mentions some of the events/problems of the BotB

    Freaky Flashbacks

    1. Didn’t recall that Stalag 17 had a Sg. Schultz
        • Wonder if that is where they got the Sgt. Schultz idea for the Hogan’s Heros TV series. –"I know nothing!  I know nothing.!"
    1. Also noted a mousey German Private with spectacles in a coupla scenes.
        • Anyone recall Arty Johnson of the TV series Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In fame.  He occassionally portrayed a WWII German Private whose main comment vas, “Veeeery interesting!” This is the character I believe he based his Nazi on.
    1. Peter Graves, the second leader of the Mission : Impossible IMF(Impossible Missions Force) was the the sneaky Nazi spy in this movie.  I wonder if it affected his career.  I do not recall him in much of anything else between S17 and M:I.
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    I have this movie. Its got alot of the same characters from the show. Its quite funny as well except when the Nazi informant gets shot by the Germans by accident.

    I like Hogans Heros better i got seasons 1-4 on DVD

  • Seen it many times. I do believe that I remember reading somewhere a long time ago that the show was based on this movie, at least in part.


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    Yep it was pretty much like the movie, characters and all.

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