[Global 1940] Boots in Canada Strategy

  • As the US, declare war on the UK round 1 (epic strat, I know) and then invade all of Canada, also sink the fleet on sz 106. Not only this strategy increases your income by 7 but also removes a EUK bonus. If Japan hasn’t done their J1 turn yet, speak some sense into the player (using your fist) to not go into the money islands in exchange for “free reign in China or something.”

    This strategy gives the Axis powers a chance of invading the British isles (this strategy had become obsolete since 2010 so I am doing them a favor) and then as the US you invade Eire (pro-allies) and build a space colony there Round 3-4. Not only is this a very important strat but by building a space colony there (you can find a piece for it on HBG) you will be able to use a satellite laser to destroy the stack in Paris, landing in Normandy and completely blockading the British Isles.

    Of course the Axis are going to stop playing for food and so you play your special move: “starve them out” and then immediately capture the British Isles and getting back London. Call the UK player on your cell phone and tell them to come back to the den because the war is about to become intense. Now then, Russia is struggling because they wanted to “play fairly.” They are your little cousin afterall. Italy. Italy has free reign over Africa but not for long. French support! Build 3 foreign legions in French West Africa and steamroll the Italians turn-by-turn using Sahara Desert bypass hacks.

    THE ENDSIEG: So now that Japan has quit the game, you launch a coup forcing Japan into a civil war. You control the Japanese home islands, Korea, and Manchuria while the German player is controlling the rest of China (that didn’t work too well I’m sorry guys :c) Use your income to stomp the rebellion round 7 and then invade into the weakened Soviet Union (they spilt apple juice on Russia so it’s impossible for their massive stack to move or for the Germans to take it) It will cost 20 IPC’s but it’s worth it… India UK Pacific has fallen to the US because of the UK player is back and gave their land to the US!!! Germany leaves the game :( They don’t want to play anymore

    Tell me if you have any awesome and effective A&A G40 strategies!

  • @all-encompassing-goose this reminds of when one of the guys in my RISK Legacy group spilled the salsa bowl all over Europe. We went on a holy war against him that game, and he essentially got permanent butt-monkey status for the rest of the campaign :)

  • As far as “boots” you need to employ the zombie rules…For every two Canadian infantry drafted, one disappears since it avoided service. This models canada exactly.

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    US going to war is against the rules. Other than that your strategy works. What’s all this about space? Very intrigued.

  • @superbattleshipyamato said in Boots in Canada Strategy:


    …Other than that your strategy works.

    but space is the WHOLE POINT!!!

    well that, and getting everybody else out of your basement.

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    Shoot, my sentence was in the wrong order. I edited it to mean what I wanted to say.

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