Most important decision in life

  • @Imperious:

    I am a slave to my philosophy.

    I am not clear… did you pull people from Katrina? and WTC?.. If not i really dont see your point at all.

    No, I wasn’t there.

    My point is that I seek out others who risk something of value(their time, property, money, health, life, and sometimes a little emotion) to help others.
    No, I don’t give $ to vagrants. Though I have bought them lunch, watched/eaten and talked with them, as well as gotten a blanket or helped them find a shelter.

    Sometimes, I’m sure it’s been a waste of time.  However, at other times I think I’ve seen a change(a light in the eye) or heard a comment(“I think I’m gonna head home.”)  And NO, I didn’t buy them a bus ticket to San Diego(refundable at the counter.)

    I’ve learned a lot from the helpers and the helped that I’ve met, including how to spot a scam(or a score of them.)
    If I can pass this knowledge on to others then more can really help those who need it and fewer get scammed.

    I, my family. and friends have helped old folks do yard and house work, put up/take down/repair screens, fix gutters, windows, locks and doors.
    Sometimes I’ve even accepted a buck or two for the work so that they can keep their pride.  But the $ always goes to a future project(plastic bags, rivets, screen, etc.) If the work is not arranged by a volunteer organization or church, sometimes I spend my $ for lunches.
    What a waste. My time, my money, my gas, wear and tear on my SUV, my emotions, my self-image,
    my relationship with a non-existent supreme being.

    Not to mention anyone else because they don’t matter anyway.

    Sometimes the result of giving isn’t worth it.
    Recall… a plane crashed in NY or DC in icy water.
    A passerby jumped in to save one passenger.
    He went back for a second…
    followed by a third, fourth and fifth!
    Then he went back again and died!!!

    It wasn’t worth it!!!

    Or was it?

    Ask his friends.  Ask his family.  Ask those he saved.  Ask him.
    Oh, I forgot. You can’t.

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    And what scams have you found?

    I find that buying a hotdog or a cup of coffee or a breakfast meal from McDonald’s for osmeone basically eliminates the chance of being scammed.  I’d NEVER give cash to someone on the street!

  • Or you could do what a former co-worker of mine did.

    They homeless guy hit him up outside a Convenience Store asking for “some help.”  He said, sure, he’d help the guy when he came out of the store.

    On the way out, this former co-worker handed the guy a job application for the Convenience Store  :evil:

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    And what scams have you found?

    ok I will never give to people who standing around in the same spot everyday and hold a sign… They are career bums.

    If somebody hangs around any market ot liqour store same thing… I will not be accosted in this situation… they are mostly drunks… they dont buy food.

    I dont buy that “im out of gas and i need a nickel story”

    If i see a person in need by their demonstation of them actually looking for bottles, cans, change in the gutter… basically demonstating an ability to make a decision to do something to change their situation by earning/ working… then i open my heart and my wallet. I am not cheap either… Ever since my best friends mother died i made a promise to help only people who want to help themselves. And thats exactly what i will do.

    but i will never help people who make a choice to stay the same situation… to stay inferior… a shadow of what is possible is not acceptable.

  • Thanks, trihero.

    Because I just realized that the most important decision in life is what you decide to do, RIGHT NOW.

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