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    Why should Italy be neutral on turn 1? Because it was. Italy did not enter the war on the side of the Entente until mid-1915 for a very good reason. It was not convinced that the Entente could ultimatly win the war. They did not like the odds honoring their easlier alliance with German and Austria either. Not to mention that Italy and Austria had covedted each others territory since the revolution in 1848 in Western Italy.
    For these two reasons I believe that Italy should be handled in a modified manner as the USA.
    Under USA Isolationism add Italy with the following changes that apply only to Italy: Italy starts the game in a neutral state that can not be violated by either the Entente or the Central Powers. No Italian units are placed on the board until this neutrality is lifted in what would be their 3rd turn. On turn 3 Italy places their starting forces as listed in the rules and is an active participant subject to which side she will join. (I need to play test this idea. If you don’t like this idea just add them to the Entente Alliance).
    I think this will help make the game more historical and give the Central powers 2 turns to concentrate on France and Russia to better affect. Plus it gives the Austrians 2 turns to ready them selves to handle the Italian distraction, I welcome feedback on this variant.

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    Great idea, I look forward to further development of this rule.

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    @superbattleshipyamato Glad to hear there is some interest. After I play around with it I will post more.
    The Admiril

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    Sorry for replying to an older thread here! I just got a copy of 1914 with the Renegade Studios release, and we started and almost finished our first game just yesterday.

    I’d first say I’ve really enjoyed the game! I’m a massive fan of the larger games (1940 and Global War), but it’s fun to have a game like this that can more or less be finished in a single day when there isn’t maybe time for the larger ones!

    I too was struck immediately by Italy being a belligerent nation from the beginning of the game. Unless I’ve misunderstood at times, the general consensus is that it’s awfully hard for the Central Powers to win I think? That could give credence to a small change with Italy as well. I know I typically don’t like to make massive changes to rules and setups, so a delayed entry by Italy could be very intriguing.

    I have a couple questions on your proposals though, and I’m curious how they’ve played out for you.

    1. My initial thought is that waiting until turn 3 for Italy to join the game is far too late. My largest reasoning for saying that is because the US enters on turn 4. If your reasoning is historical, I don’t think a single turn is fairly representing the two years in between Italy and the US joining the war historically, when the preceding 3 turns encompass less than a year between the historic start of the war and Italy joining. So my real question is, what about delaying Italy only a single turn? Does that present any real changes you think?

    2. My other big notice from what you said is not allowing Italy to purchase any units until such time as they enter the war. I get in some ways why this might be needed to avoid just having them be as strong as they might have otherwise. But how are you justifying allowing the USA to purchase units every turn until they join, while not allowing Italy to? Again, I mostly don’t like making too picky of nation-specific rules like that (i.e. if not allowing one neutral country to purchase units, then no neutral country should be allowed to purchase units, etc.).

    Curious on your thoughts! Still learning this one of course, so I’m super curious!

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    Talk to The Good Captain. He’s made multiple videos explaining 1914 strategy for both sides and how the Central Powers can win. He’s right when he says Central Powers strategies are non-intuitive. After several games, I’ve learned a lot from him.

    About making things more historically accurate but also simple (so no possibility of Italy joining the Central Powers, a whole other set of house rules and discussions), I always saw each round as one year, so delaying Italy by one turn and allowing it to build units seems sufficient. Italy goes to war at the start of its second turn, the Central Powers can attack it earlier if they want, Italy operates under the same neutral rules as the US (no crossing over to territories of other powers).

    Albania can be activated by Italy when not at war, although other powers cannot activate it when Italy is not at war.

    If Albania is attacked by the Central Powers Italy doesn’t go to war. The Albanian units act as if they are at war however.

    Keep in mind these rules are not compatible with TripleA and are player enforced.

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    @superbattleshipyamato Thanks, I’ll check those videos by him out!

    Yeah, I’d agree with you on the turn length in time, a year is probably about right. Goes to the point of waiting until turn three a bit late in my opinion if house ruling for historical accuracy.

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    Agreed. The US joins the war on turn 3, so it would be 1917. That was also the year the Russian Revolution occurred, and the third turn is when the Revolution rule goes into effect, so it fits perfectly.

  • @superbattleshipyamato actually US doesnt join until turn 4.

  • @chris_henry also with inexperienced players - even with a bit of experience yes it does seem like the game heavily favors the entente but with a bit of luck and or good play the CP can also be dominant with OOB rules. i’ve now lost 7 games i think playing as the entente against @Ragnell804 who was able to dominate me as the CP in each of those games. he only lost one against me when we played with low luck.

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    Agreed, The Good Captain smashed me the two times we played World War 1 with him as the Central Powers.

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    Thanks guys! Yeah, haven’t gotten a chance to finish the game yet, but I’m definitely seeing spots where I could have done better as the CP already. I watched some of The Good Captains videos like you said, and I most definitely misplayed the CP navies right away at the very least!

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    Agreed, I didn’t learn about it until after watching his videos.

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    @SuperbattleshipYamato I agree that a one turn delay is the best idea for those that are looking for a historical tweek.

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