WWII: The Struggle for Europe and Asia

  • The game photo’s are always a real pleasure to look at! Really curious on the outcome of this one.

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    Well he can download the rules on PDF from the site.

    If he wants to buy the map Ill sell him mine for 160.00 plus shipping of about 15 more. Its flawless because it was only played twice in the same session and then rolled up and put in the tube.

  • The final pictures from the Feruary 3rd game are finaly posted - you can see the whole game documented with pictures at:


  • Looked like a very nice game. Only it seems that Italy played the best on the Axis side… And Japan the worst… maybe because of Strong Chinese or just bad production… Anyway game looks awesone, i know that now.  😉

    Anyone else but Yoper, playing this game? Or thinking of going for it??

  • Well,  we returned from Detroit with our tails between our legs -    😢  Craig Yope and his crew wiped us out in our New England vs. Midwest grudge match!  You can check out the entire game at:  http://www.ww2wargame.com/forum/index.php?topic=192.0

    I am ready for a rematch at Origins!  :evil:

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  • I am quite the fan of that mans moustache.

  • Had an awesome time at Origins - even better than last year!    😄

    We ran two tables on Thursday and Friday (first time we have done that at a Con) and had 10-12 people playing on both days - which was a blast.

    The “veteran” rematch between Michigan and New England ended up in yet another Allied Michigan victory and I was defeated once again by my arch-nemesis - Dan, as the Soviet Union and Craig as the UK.  Eric managed an invasion on Japan in 1944, humbling John as Japan - looks like John and I need some practice before trying to go toe to toe with the Detroit folks again.

    We ended up playing a great 1941 scenario game on Saturday to wrap up Origins with which was a very close game down to the wire and a great way to end the Con!

    Thanks to everyone who came and played - look forward to next year!

    If you are going, swing by and check it out at GenCon Indy

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  • So why isnt this game rated at Boardgamegeek ?

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    lots of games aren’t even on that site. Whether they do or not has little to do with the idea that they are good or bad.

  • I want to look at the rules, but I am not ready to pay $ 200 for a map where Africa is ruined.

  • Hi Adlertag!  The rules are posted on line - you can check them out at:

    I think Imperious would part with his copy (sans pieces) and make a deal with you.  You really need 4-5 like-minded folks to play the game, though.  So if you don’t have a local group of gamers that are into games like this - you might not get a lot of use out of it - something to consider. . .

    We have sold a few games to folks in Sweden - but not to Norway yet.

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    I tend to agree with IL that the game is too railroaded (I’ve only read through the rules once), rather like World at War with it’s crazy conditions such as:

    6.4 Rumania: Axis forces in Rumania may not be moved, nor can they attack until Germany declares war on Russia. They may defend normally. Additional forces may not be built there, unless at war. German units may pass through freely provided their movement does not end in Rumania. Once Germany is at war with Russia, Rumanian restrictions no longer apply. If at war with Russia and the first time that Rumania is conquered, the German player must pay 3 IPCs to the conquering player and 2 German infantry must be eliminated. The German player decides which infantry is to be removed. This penalty is not suffered if Rumania is Neutral.

    That’s partly why the spring/summer 1942 scenario works so well, you don’t need all this crap.

    However my rules do have a Japanese-Soviet non-aggression treaty and Japanese and Soviet Xenophobia rules which do create a more historical playout without outrageous nonesense like that quoted above.

    If you’re going to do earlier scenarios don’t expect the game to play out anything like history.

  • Agree with you, Flashman. If I play Hitler, I want to attack and conquer anyone I like, historical correct or not. But nonsense conditions like that Romania 6.4 rule is to be found in every serious wargame. It is in World in Flames, it is in Europe Engulfed, and so on. And even in A&A we are not allowed to attack neutrals. I just get so frustrated, will make my own game some day, and cannibalize the A&A plastic


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    Adlertag: Ill sell you may map for 160.00 plus shipping . I gaurantee its perfect condition. Only set up once ( nobody wanted to play)

  • Good news, Adlertag (and the rest of you aggressive types out there) you can attack any neutral you like. . .Actually, in the last game we played at Origins I invaded Turkey to get my Italians access to the Black Sea (it ended up not working out so well - but hey, I did it!).  Neutrals also have the potential of joining Germany as well (e.g. if the Axis take Cairo, there is a chance Turkey will join the Axis) - If Spain or Turkey join the Axis, the game goes into all sorts of different directions. . . :evil:

  • @Imperious:

    Adlertag: Ill sell you may map for 160.00 plus shipping . I gaurantee its perfect condition. Only set up once ( nobody wanted to play)

    Dear IL, tanks for your kind offer, this proves you are a friend, despite of being a Hun. If you are experiencing financial challences, I’ll be happy to give you a loan, but I dont need that stinking map, for sure. I love the European part with beautiful mountains, but lets face it, Africa is ruined, India and Asia is ruined, and the sea zones are not to my liking. I want square sea zones like in A&A, not this hex bee-cube zones, they make me physically sick just by watching. This map belong to bedlam. No offense.

    Just wondering, IL, are you absolutely sure you did not bedraggled this map ?

    Yours sincerely Norseman Wiking, just lurking out there, waiting for a good map so I can plunder das Vaterland and the Huns.

  • Well, Adlertag - I respect your constructive criticism of the map.  I guess I have gotten more positive comments regarding morphing the map to increase the size and the number of territories where the war was actually fought than negative ones.  If your idea of a WWII game is driving Tiger tanks through the Belgian Congo, then this is probably not the right mix of game vs. sim for you.

    I’m actually continuing to work on other maps (well, unfortunately even larger)- perhaps it may prove to be more to your liking.  Maybe some day and can collaborate with IL - his map making skills are certainly the best out there that I have seen so far.

    Have you checked out IL’s revized War in Europe map?  I really like the way he did terrain

  • I love IL’s maps, but not his rules. So maybe I buy his map and use your rules, that would be a nice bastardization.  😄

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    Adlertag: you can get my War in Europe (current version) for $200.00 plus shipping. I don’t need any loans however.

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