• Hello everyone,

    I must first of all excuse me of bailing out of that tournament. I left without notice due to personal problems, and after that I was very busy with my examens, holiday and work 😄 So I finally found my way back to this forum again. I will not play any games anymore, because I have a lot of other stuff I need to do, and I can’t make my moves on a regular basis…

    I also noticed that most of the games are revised… I regret that, because I was always a classic player and always will be 😉 I won’t come over to the dark side 😛 But enough about that, I just owed DM and Maddog an apology for bailing on them.

  • Moderator

    No Prob.
    Hope everything is going okay now and it’s good to see you posting again.

  • We need more classic gamers! 😕

    I understand being busy, but I hope you don’t intend to swear off games permanently - I’m sure you’d have some occasion sometime down the line when you’d be free enough to play again and I hope to see you back again then!

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