• OK,so you are Germany and not yet at war with Russia.
    It’s Rd 1 or 2.
    Russia asks you to allow it’s fleet through Danish straights. Do you say yes or no and why or why not?
    IMO, I say let them out.I want control of the baltic .If Russia wants to risk its airforce to get my navy,I’m ok with that.

  • Disclaimer.It’s not really a poll because I did’nt set this up for tabulating votes.I just want to hear ideas about the pros and cons,from German and Russian sides,of the starting Russian navy coming out of the Baltic sea zones.

  • @ampdrive don’t let them out. They die there , when you can bothered to take them out . Why let them roam free and possibly join the British, like the Russian Sub always does in other A&A variants?

  • @witt

    I agree with Witt. Hem the Soviet Navy in. It’s what the Germans did in real life.Even if you didn’t destroy it it can’t do anything (unless they bought some transports to attack Berlin, but then they wouldn’t want to get out)

    If the game had no political restrictions you might need to judge whether the Soviet player will attack you if you didn’t let them through.

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