• can somebody please tell me is these move legal

    for example:
    -it is UK`s turn
    -UK player decides to attack Western Europe in an amphibious attack
    -in Western Europe there is an IC

    can the UK player say that he/she will send it´s bomber to do SBR in Western Europe and in the same move attack the same territory in an amphibious attack(but without the bomber that bombed afcorse)

    thank you

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    Yes, it is legal.

  • Legal, and I have done it pretty often (Caucuses is my fave to do it to)

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    Legal, and I have done it pretty often (Caucuses is my fave to do it to)

    Ditto.  Suckers the Germans almost every time!

  • Actually, I do it AS Germany…

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator

    Yea, but it’s so much fun to do it with the allies in Caucasus.  Germany thinks they ahve this IC, they stack it heavy.  Brition hits it with a bomber, erasing all financial gains from the land and Russia comes in and crushes 50% of the German panzer divisions that are way too forward in the lines to be adequately defended.

    Now you have a Germany with no northern navy (if they moved it out of the Baltic) and almost no armor units.  It’s a walk in after that.

    So far I’m 5 out of 6 with that maneuver.  NoMercy’s the only one who didn’t stack heavy in Caucasus.  (He was smart, put a couple infantry in there after his own SBR. 🙂  )

  • You are forgetting that Japan SHOULD be walking units into Caucuses from Persia, and flying in FIGs in NCM if the mvoes were timed well 🙂

    Now it is not an unprotected ARM stack, but one tough nut to crack that reduces Russia to building no more than 8 units, probably INF.  And Germany can drop almsot as many attack points in builds as Russia can probably build in Defensive points direct to Caucuses… not counting what Germany mvoes in from Central Europe, what Japan sends from Persia, and of course any other fronts like Evenk, Novo, Kazakh, Archangel, that Russia may be thretened on.

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator

    Yea, well they still need to get there. 😛

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