Kill America First?

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    Basically, the goal is to get 8, 10 or 12 transports in the Atlantic.  50% to get units from north America and 50% to take them into EurAsia either through the Med or through England (the latter being more popular since you can lend fodder to England should they be attacked.)

  • I’m in this game agasinst this guy.

    I’m allies hes axis. Germany was holdin out against Sovs and U.K. America and Japan stalemate.
    He builds a v. gd fleet in Japan-transporters x 4 Battleships x 2 Destoyer x 3 Aicraft Carrier x 1.
    america have gd fleet 1 Transporter, 3 Destoyers, 2 Sumbarines.
    Japan attack and destroy all american ships with ease and dump cargo. after a few battles involving around 5-10 tanks and fighters-each, Japan break in and slowly take over all American mainland.
    Meanwhile, Germany have been forced out of Europe and after earlier invading Africa it is now being taken over so what is left of Germany has been forced onto boats in a fleet of 5 ships. russia doing all work. Japan onlky has their bits left apart from small islands near Australia.
    At the point of the game Japan have put to much energy in attacking US. They are being pushed back into Japan but are raking in money from rewards so hard to stop. Could probably raid the capital of America but 6 tanks are waiting in Central America.
    In conclusion, it is indeed rare to get into America as the guy i am playing is a veteran and has never seen it done. If you do, expect awards, but you will be unstable from then on. 😐

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