Question on availability of house rules: tech/general/naval combat

  • Hello,

    I want to develop rules on three subjects, but would like to know if there
    are any rules already made by the communigy (searching the forums give
    overwhelming results, guidance from community elders who know their
    way around would be appreciated).

    1. Tech:

    I would like to eliminate or reduce the luck factor from tech. I was
    thinking something in line of having to research teck. Requisites would
    be that IPC would have to be spent for tech (no extra tech points) - because
    a lot of fun results from not knowing if it is better to research or to buy
    units. Second: time limits. Simply buying techs and having them in the
    first round is boring. There should be some long time research involved,
    at least 3 or even more rounds.

    1. Generals:
      Has anybody thought of introducing “generals”? Like, place a marker
      under a tank or a plane and make this a general. They would placed
      one higher on the combat resolution chart than their original unit place,
      and when they are casualties they get placed back in the capital at the
      end of the next round. (wounded, not killed 😉

    2. Naval combat:
      I would like to make naval combat more appealing. Downgrade the battleship
      a bit (ie, damage stays, you have to move to a port city to repair), upgrade
      subs, something of the sort. But not too complicated, definitely not introducing
      new units.

    Pointers would be very appreciated.


  • Tech:

    A long term aspect can be achieve by having boxes to move through before you get the tech. Major techs would have more boxes. You now have a “progress” feel.
    You can also reduce the luck factor but making 1st tech dice hit on 1. 2nd tech dice hit on 2 or less….3nd dice…3 or less…for the same tech.

    Naval: Making Battleship having to repair at a friendly territory would be a nice touch.
    More importantly is to have disallow Submarines to engage each other. This is a WWII game.
    Another would be to allow Submarines to go through sea zones with enemy Destroyers. The Destroy may choose to roll a dice to detect. So both the Submarine and Destroyer can choose to engage the other or not.

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator

    Also, damaged battleships shouldn’t be repaired until the start of the owner’s next turn.  It’s stupid that Brition can damage it, America can damage it and Russia can damage it all in the same round and it doesn’t sink when normally 2 hits kills it.

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