• 2022

    There’s probably a reason why the Allies didn’t take this easy shortcut after D-Day. If it was successful, it could have ended the war in months and opposition would have been little. There were only three divisions in the entire Germany. I’m thinking of the First Airborne army attacking (Market Garden paratroopers plus the US 17th Airborne and British 6th Airborne, a total of almost 7 divisions worth of forces)

    I personally think German anti-aircraft defences were too strong, but I’m not sure.

    Does anybody know why this plan was unfeasible? Thank you!

  • 2022 2021 '20

    As Market Garden showed, it is not enough to take the ground with Paratroopers. You have to reinforce them and support them after they land.

    How would that have been possible in the middle of Germany? What would have stopped the Germans from encircling them and wiping them out eventually?

  • 2022


    The fact that there weren’t many divisions in Germany at the time. Obviously Germany would have brought several armies if they landed in Berlin, but maybe they could have assassinated some top Nazis beforehand.

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