1914 TGC (Central Powers) vs VF (Entente) oob, no bid, RR

  • @victoryfirst said in 1914 TGC (Central Powers) vs VF (Entente) oob, no bid, RR:


    OK, I think I will have to capitulate here. Too many losses and my desperate plans didn’t work out! My thoughts on the game:

    I think I didn’t use my forces effectively enough. I couldn’t break through the German lines (although maybe that was because I did do some risky maneuvers which cost a lot of units…). I also couldn’t defeat the Ottomans. I am not sure how I could have done things differently this time. You somehow managed to defend against everything very well, and then you started slowly pushing me back. Or I am just bad at the game 🙂

    I have (now) played many, many games of 1914 (over 30 in the last six months as of this writing against eight different players). As we played through this game, I learned what the pressure points were in those other games and where advantage can be gained slightly for the CP. You played quite well in fact.

    How did your other games fair against other Entente players? Did they manage to beat you? And if so, how? How do you play the Entente?

    I have been beaten as the CP, yes - there appear to be two ways to do this. One is raw numbers. Essentially every power except the UK builds only infantry. The USA builds only eight transports. The Western and Italian fronts become clogged with troops and the CP fail to break them down. The British meanwhile grind through the Ottomans and break into Austria causing a concession. The other is to be very aggressive with essentially all the powers. This will result in more losses and appears to be a bit dicer but the theme here is that the fighting is done on the western front much closer to germany and so the economy helps to replace the losses. I have been beaten by both these strategies and defeated both of them.

    If I really need to point out some things I should have done differently, it’s going to be these:
    Entente has to destroy a CP power, I think, by concentrating all of its forces against it. Germany is too strong to take down easily, so it got to be Turkey. I would say, max British income is spent in India. USA also fully commits to destroying Turkey. But still, the Austro-Hungarians can help defend. Not sure who will come out on top. But if the Entente manages to defeat them, I think their economic advantage will result in a victory.

    The unique thing you did was spam transports for the USA (I have never seen anything close to that many - at first I was critical but the endgame was more interesting than I thought). You also overstrengthed france in africa. Usually all those territories I see go to the UK which helps them beat down Ottomans. Finally, as soon as you were able I think you should have sent the UK into Constantinople. It might have hurt a bit but I wasn’t strong enough to hold yet and Ottomans would have lost 6 IPC. Instead I was able to crank out 3 pieces each turn.

    Anyway, thanks for playing. You played very well. If you want to play another game, and you want me to play the Entente or the Central Powers, feel free to ask. I would be glad to play again.

    Anytime my friend. Shall we go again?! Thank you very much for the game and the offer!

  • @the_good_captain

    Sure! Shall I play the Entente again?

    30 games? That’s a lot in that time frame! I’ve only played two at this point… and both of them were as the Entente. I haven’t even looked at some of the possible CP strategies.

    I thought that having a lot of transport as the United States would be flexible and give me options later on. When I have a big blob of US units sitting in a territory and also have a couple of extra transports around, I could threaten to land in coastal territories, especially the Ottoman ones. Eventually, it didn’t work out, as you had a very large amount of units helping to defend Maybe I should have risked a full attack on Constantinople with the British, but I found the attack a bit dicey, so I waited until I got more units involved. But you had access to more reinforcements than I thought, so the odds only went worse!

    In our next game, I will try out some new things as the Entente, keeping the mistakes I made in the previous games in mind. I am interested to see how it will play out.

  • @victoryfirst I will get one started up here shortly.

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