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    This is the World War II Expansion Set from Gamers Paradise for use with Axis & Allies 1986 “Classic” 2nd. Edition.

    The Game Board is the same as the original Axis & Allies 1986 “Classic” 2nd. Edition.- except that it is King Size and some name changes has been made to certain territories.

    This King Size game board was part of Expansion 2.

    We used these Expansions for more than 10 years - and had tons of fun & challenge.

    The Expansions from Gamers Paradise inspired us to continue the Expansion Rules Developement for Revised 2004, Spring 1942, Anniversary and Global 1940 versions.

    A&A Gamers Paradise, 1.JPG
    A&A Gamers Paradise, 2.JPG A&A Gamers Paradise, 3.JPG A&A Gamers Paradise, 4.JPG A&A Gamers Paradise, 5.JPG A&A Gamers Paradise, 6.JPG

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    I can certainly see you’ve made a bunch of modifications to the game.

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