• In the Evolution? thread, I mentioned the movie Pulp Fiction.  What I have to ask now is:  What is in the Briefcase that Jules and Vincent are told to retrieve?

    I think it is Marsellus Wallace’s soul.  That is what I was told once, and I’ve seen the movie enough times since then to gather some evidence as to why this is so.

  • That’s the theory I’ve heard as well.  It’s possible that it’s not supposed to be anything.  I’ve also heard that it’s just gold, but it’s much cooler to think that it’s Marc’s soul.  How could you show a soul anyway?

  • That’s why I mentioned “evidence”.  Since I heard of that theory, I have watched it several times since, with that idea in mind.  Quite a few points fit in with it, so I don’t think it even could be just gold.

    At the end, when Tim Roth tells Jules to open the briefcase for him, he asks, “Is that what I think it is?” “Mmmhmm.” “It’s beautiful.”  If it were gold, that question would be totally unnecessary.

    The idea that it is Marsellus’ soul also supports the whole “divine intervention” scene.  The fact that the duo were doing God’s work and delivering a soul back to someone who lost it wrongly is why God stepped in and saved them.

  • I could see why it could be thought to be Marsellus’s soul. But do you think Marcellus’s soul would be perceived as “beautiful?” Few souls have that characteristic, and I have doubts as to Marcellus, being in a life of crime, being in that elite category.

    I forget who’s who, but that guy who is robbing the restaurant, I do not think he would be interested in a soul. He is interested in material gains (wallets, money, jewelry).

    If it were gold, that question would be totally unnecessary.

    Not necessarily; we tend to make sometimes redundant comments when we have nothing else to say. I could easily imagine someone saying “wow, that’s beautiful” if it were gold.

  • One small piece of “evidence” I heard was to take a look at the back of Marcellus’ neck in the bar scene.  There’s a Band-Aid, and his soul was supposedly taken from that point.  :lol:

  • 2007 AAR League

    i’ve heard the theory but never in so much detail.  Thanks jermo.  But with the soul, i believed that it may be one.  Maybe not marcellus’ soul though.  Why would those kids be hiding a soul.  They didnt steal it but were just hiding it.  Then they wished things didnt get so f’ed up with mr wallace.  Then they were killed.  If it was his soul, do you think those kids would have even held onto it, and try to sell it back.  They would have to know that anyone who takes someones soul, the persons whose soul it is would do any damn thing neccesary to get his god given soul back.  A top priority bigger than any other.  Those kids thought they could survive holding onto a crime boss’ soul.  I dont buy it.  I think it was a possesion of wallace’s and  someone elses’ soul.  Perhaps to try and exchange his terrible one with.  Just a thought.  I’ll look into it more and then post again.  Interesting

  • I don’t keep my soul in a briefcase anymore.  This one time my sister sold it to her friend Milhouse, and he traded it to the comic-store guy for a bunch of fricken’ POGS dude.

    So i just sutured a little invagination into my abdomen to store it in.  I don’t lose it this way.

  • @cystic:

    I don’t keep my soul in a briefcase anymore.  This one time my sister sold it to her friend Milhouse, and he traded it to the comic-store guy for a bunch of fricken’ POGS dude.

    So i just sutured a little invagination into my abdomen to store it in.  I don’t lose it this way.

    LOL!  Hadn’t heard that term before.

    Nice Simpsons reference, too.

  • Well, that’s why I think Tony Rocky Horror was thrown out of a window into a greenhouse.  At least that’s the “word around the campfire” according to Jules.  But when Vincent brings that point up to Mia Wallace, she has no clue what he’s talking about.  “The only thing Tony ever touched of mine was my hand when he shook it - at my wedding,” is what she tells him.  And by some strange coincidence, Tony is no longer able to speak properly after getting thrown out of the window.  😐

  • 2007 AAR League

    What are you getting at orange?

  • Alright, here goes.

    Let’s assume for a moment that the briefcase does contain Marsellus’ soul.  The combination for the briefcase is: 666.  Perhaps the Devil took Marsellus’ soul (possibly from the back of his neck, hence the band-aid that Jermo mentioned) and placed it into a briefcase.  Tony gets a hold of it and passes it along.  Marsellus finds out that Tony has something of value to him (an understatement) and tosses him out of a window.  The fact that Tony can’t speak properly anymore is the Devil’s way of literally keeping his mouth shut.

    And speaking of souls and how beautiful they are, it is likely that Marsellus’ soul is not that beautiful.  But maybe his soul actually is beautiful, meaning that he is actually a good guy, and he just needs it back, so that he won’t be an a$$hole anymore.  When Butch goes to the apartment to get his watch, he shoots and kills Vincent.  After leaving, he runs into Marsellus (with his car) and they end up fighting.  But, after Butch saves his life, Marsellus agrees to let him go, and they call it even.  I think that this is influenced by the fact that Marsellus’s soul had been restored.  Otherwise, he might not have been so lenient.

    Now, back to the “Divine Intervention” scene.  Jules and Vincent expected to have been blown away,  But they were spared by “some strange coincidence”.  Again, I think this is God allowing them no harm until they have completed their task.  After the task is completed, they are no longer protected by his will.  (This is why Vincent had no chance when Butch gunned him down.)

    Now on to the date between Vincent and Mia Wallace.  They go out, dance, have a great time, she re-establishes my point that no-one really knows why Tony was thrown out of the window, and later she ends up putting a little too much heroin up her nose.  In my opinion, Vincent is in no way to blame for her near-death, but I don’t think Marsellus would agree.  As Vincent puts it to his dealer, “If Marsellus finds out about this, I am a f***in’ grease-spot!”  So they end up saving her life, and Vincent gets off the hook.  What would happen if she had died of her overdose?  Marsellus would probably have had Vincent killed, so then Vincent wouldn’t have been able to help deliver the case, and also wouldn’t have been available to help Jules out in the diner when he was talking with “Ringo”.  And on that note, Pumpkin and Honey-Bunny also learned a valuable lesson when they found out what exactly they were dealing with, and what Jules’ cargo was.  But before all of that, Jules and Vincent were still just talking, and Jules mentioned that he was thinking about the miracle they witnessed.  But carrying something sacred like that is, to me, what convinced Jules that he was living the wrong lifestyle.  And even earlier, when “The Wolf” tells them to move out of the sticks and get a cab, they decide to go and have breakfast.  Once again, this breakfast proved fateful, and Jules learns about what he feels is his destiny.  Not only that, but he sets himself on the path that he now feels is right, and making himself broke by giving all the money he had to the couple, strengthening the love they had for each other, and all the while saving everyone else from being robbed or killed.

    I’m sure there may be some details I forgot, but if anyone has any to add, or any criticism to offer, please do.  😉

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