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    Hi ! First of all, I am new here, so apologies if I do anything wrong 😉

    I wanted to share (a draft - low resolution) of my custom map for the anniversary edition (that I never saw or played). The original is a 155 cm diameter vector file - which is the size of my round table. I am planning to print it soon on neoprene, but wanted to check for eventual feedbacks before 😉

    Despite Europe being already slightly oversized, the territories there are still quite small. Not smaller than the original though, so I guess it could do the job. I wanted to do it as historically accurate I could (with a focus on spring 1942, but the 1941 scenario can still be played in principle), so some territories are further splitted with dot lines - for cosmetic purposes only. Oh yeah, and it is labelled in French, apologies for that.

    I wanted to keep it as close as possible to the original game, not to hamper the balance. Nevertheless, I made some changes that I hope don’t change much. In a nutshell :

    • Changed names of many territories, just for fun (and/or accuracy)
    • East Poland became Ukraine and Ukraine became Crimea, so I switched the IPC value between them to keep 2 IPC in Ukraine.
    • Eastern Ukraine got an access to Azov sea. Planning to set a Kerch Straight rule with the need to own Caucasus to enter Azov sea (making this access pretty useless).
    • Sea zones 15 and 16 are not connected (which should be irrelevant with Dardanelles rule).
    • Panama is not connected to East Coast (no way to do that on a real map !) - but I don’t see how it would really impact the game.
    • Himalaya and Sahara are not territories anymore, but replaced by a black line forbidding access (which should give exactly the same result) - added also Alps to restrict access between Italy and Germany without cheating with Switzerland’s size.
    • Added a couple of additionnal neutrals (again without any in-game effects).
    • Added Guianas as extra UK territory (but a 0 IPC territory on that corner of the map should really change anything)
      All the rest is purely cosmetic OR room for optional house rules (not yet fully decided - can discuss them separately if anyone is interested) - but can be ignored to play the genuine game. For example Free French territories are by default administered by UK.

    One last thing I am wondering about is SZ 26 (very ugly) - is it really used ? Can it really make any changes ? Otherwise I’d like to get rid of it.

    Glad to read any kind of feedbacks if it inspires anyone 😉

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    @azimuth Pretty Map, only the bad thing it is in French!😕

  • @goekawar, well, yes. But I suppose you can identify most of the names, can’t you?

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    @azimuth that’s right, but it is common to use English for it,

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    @azimuth yea, as long as it’s not chinese or arabic, it’s not a problem. Although if one was chinese or arabic, it wouldn’t be a problem either : )

    Good looking map

  • @goekawar, I got your point. But I’m sure that if you were playing, let’s say, a German game, and decided to customize the map, you’d have translated it in your language 😉

    Do you guys have an opinion on sz 26? Is it really needed?

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    @azimuth I live in the Netherlands, I would never make a the game in Dutch. English I only should use as always.

  • @goekawar, OK, that’s your choice. Everybody is bilingual in the Netherlands, you don’t translate movies neither, I guess that’s your culture. 😉

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