Axis and Allies Expanded Global Scenario

  • Hello everyone, and, after much play-testing and rule bending, I am pleased to welcome you to the Axis and Allies Expanded Global Scenario!

    In this scenario, I will be conducting an almost story-mode like game of Axis and Allies, where the game will not be reset, but instead each round will be a new chapter in the largest alternative history project I’ve done.

    Characters and events, although fictional, will sometimes be inspired by historical/ real-life counterparts. Saying this, please be aware that I do not intend to promote anything (politics, opinions, etc) but an entertaining gameplay that I hope you will follow along and enjoy.

    In this scenario, I will be referring to two phases, the Agenda Phase and the Combat Phase. The Agenda Phase will be for a nation’s political and economic objectives, such as purchasing units, making alliances, resolving surrenders, and conducting wars of proxy. The Combat Phase is for all military actions a power wishes to take against another.

    In this scenario, nations will be rewarded by how much Influence and Domestic spending they conduct. They will also be rewarded for their Resource Collection, Researching of new technologies, and their military’s prowess.

    I will be compiling all the house rules I used to create this game. If anyone wishes to suggest house rules I could use, please do! And as always, feedback is welcome! Enjoy!

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    @monsieurmurdoch can you post the rules ? Can’t really comment otherwise. Sounds cool though

  • @barnee

    Sure can! Nearly finished writing them out, can get them posted Sunday at the latest

  • Here are the rules for the Agenda phase as well as the turn order. Axis and Allies Expanded Global Scenario.pdf

    First round results to be posted tomorrow or Monday

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    @monsieurmurdoch yea looks pretty sweet. You have anyone playtesting it with you ?

  • @barnee
    A few, but I’ve mostly been playtesting myself

  • The starting setup. First round to be played today!

    1F905451-20EE-489E-BC0F-B5F55BF2FDC0.jpeg CF9A4372-57D5-4C78-B532-1FEA2312B0B6.jpeg

    For the additional nations, I’m using the pieces from the Original Axis and Allies, meaning these nations follow some specific rules:

    Artillery (represented by original A@A anti-aircraft pieces) can act as normal artillery or AAA when attacking or defending

    Cruiser units (represented by original A@A battleship pieces) attack at 3, defend at 2, cost 8 IPCs, and have the anti-submarine abilities of a normal destroyer

    Edit: Cruiser stats are normal, additional nations use 1941 destroyer pieces with their roundel underneath

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    @monsieurmurdoch what are DD values

  • @barnee

    Are you referring to the additional countries? If so, they don’t have destroyer units, hence why I made the cruiser values as they are. The additional nations can only buy subs, carriers, transports, and the modified cruisers due to lack of available pieces

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    @monsieurmurdoch said in Axis and Allies Expanded Global Scenario:


    Are you referring to the additional countries? If so, they don’t have destroyer units, hence why I made the cruiser values as they are. The additional nations can only buy subs, carriers, transports, and the modified cruisers due to lack of available pieces

    Not quite following. Neutral/additional countries have different Cruiser values ?

    Or are there no DDs in the game at all ? For any Player ?

  • @barnee

    Okay, so the additional nations (Indonesia, Canada, etc) because I can only use pieces from the original axis and allies game for them, don’t have destroyers cause I don’t have the pieces. So to compensate, I made the sea units that these nations can buy consist of subs, carriers, transports, and cruisers, with the cruisers having the stats I stated above. So yes, the additional nations have different cruiser stats, and all other nations can purchase destroyers normally

  • The results from the first round are in. Photos of the first round will follow shortly today.

    If you notice the names of ships and people and such, it’s because I’m playing with others and we’ve decided to start naming stuff

    The United States (Peacetime Income 26)

    Despite investing heavily in research (four research dice bought) the American scientists, headed by Tony Addison, failed their testings on new technology. While the American army reinforced the Panama Canal against anticipated attacks from South America, the US Pacific Navy, with its numbers increased by an additional battleship from the Atlantic fleet, the USS Carolina, began moving ships to Pearl Harbour and Manila. The Americans also bought a new tank division which was placed in Central US. Internationally, the United States refuses to get involved. No attempts at gaining influence or making alliances are made.

    Russia (Peacetime Income 15)
    Russians scientists (bought 3 research dice), compared to their American counterparts, were infinitely more successful, completing the Atomic Bomb technology and becoming the world’s first nuclear nation. This serves to heighten suspicion and fear amongst other nations. While Russian soldiers strengthened the border with China and the Eastern European Commonwealth, Moscow diplomats attempted to broker an alliance with the Japanese, but to no avail.

    Germany (Peacetime Income 12)
    German research teams also tried to follow in the Russian footsteps (bought 2 research dice), but, like the Americans failed. The German diplomat Hans Schmidt, however, successfully negotiated an alliance with the Commonwealth, prompting the movement of German units into Warsaw. Tensions between the three nations begin to rise.

    Britain (Peacetime Income 12)
    The first nation not to research, Britain, with the intent to preserve its vast empire, instead built a new factory (minor) in Hong Kong, the British’s Pacific pearl. Additionally, the Royal Navy, only second in size to the American fleet, set off on a trans-oceanic sail. The British battleship, the HMS Victory made for the Indian Ocean from Egypt, en-route to Hong Kong with escorting cruisers. Meanwhile, the battleship HMS Conquerer took Victory’s place as the resident capital ship in the Mediterranean, while the aircraft carrier Royal Oak sits at the sea’s gateway off the Gibraltar coastline.

    China (Peacetime Income 11)
    The first Chinese tank divisions are formed in Shanghai, as the vast Chinese infantry body form up in Shensi, Szechwan, and Hunan. Chinese troops also match the Russians on the western border as artillery and aircraft are sent to reinforce Manchuria.

    France (Peacetime Income 9)
    The French battleship Pierre makes for the Panama Canal for its journey to French Indochina. Relations between France and Britain, the two greatest imperialist powers, are tense as each attempts to maintain a show of strength against the other. The French also formed a new tank division in Normandy as well as moved tanks and infantry to the coastline.

    Japan (Peacetime Income 7)
    Japan, envious of the empires of Britain and France, chooses aggression and imperialism over diplomacy. Emboldened by the Russians, who Japanese diplomats have reopened negotiations with, Japan launches an undeclared attack against Shanghai. The Japanese navy bombard Chinese infantry divisions, and the tanks are destroyed by infantry, artillery, and aircraft. The Japanese also land unopposed in Shantung, reinforce Korea, and form their first tank division.

    Indonesia (Peacetime Income 7)
    To better their mobility and the defence of their islands, the Indonesian navy advocated for the construction of a new transport. Wariness of Japanese aggression begins to set in.

    Eastern European Commonwealth (Peacetime Income 6)
    Having heard of the talks between Russia and Japan, the Commonwealth now fears Russian aggression that may follow that of the Japanese. Strengthening their border with Russia, the Commonwealth trains a new tank division in Kyiv. The Polish cruiser ORP Grom also joins up with the German Navy for mutual defence.

    India (Peacetime Income 5)
    India has also joined the camp that fears aggression from Russia and Japan, strengthening the Burmese border and increasing artillery production in the Calcuttan factories. The cruiser INS Virat also boosts the defences of Malaya.

    Italy (Peacetime Income 5)
    Having been regarded as “the sick man of Europe”, Italy stands at the bottom of the European imperialist powers. Despite economic difficulties, Italy has maintained a powerful navy and reasonably sized armed forces. Now, there are talks amongst the Italian government to pull something against Britain. Currently though, Italy only moves its army to Tobruk and trains its artillerymen on new equipment

    ANZAC (Peacetime Income 5)
    After dropping a note to the Indonesians about an alliance, the Australians directed an infantry division to the island’s Northern Territory to defend against suspected Japanese attacks. Artillery is built in Sydney while the cruiser HMNZS Wellington takes up residence at the Queensland navy base.

    Union of South American Nations (Peacetime Income 4)
    Despite its name, UNASUR’s co-operation amongst its nation is lacking. When Chilean infantry divisions refuse to move to Peru, the Peruvians ignore orders to send their cruiser to the Brazilian navy base. However, Argentina, Brazil, and Venezuela manage tactical movements, with Brazilian soldiers reinforcing Venezuela and Argentinians take up the gap in Brazil. Additional artillery is constructed in Rio de Janeiro.

    Canada (Peacetime Income 3)
    Despite wishing to become more involved on an international scale, Canada’s armed forces are still too small to contribute. Therefore, Canada’s focus lies internally, training a new infantry division in Quebec and not pursuing any alliances at the time.

  • Usually, at the end of the round, all nations will participate in an International Conference, basically mirroring the UN. Here, a nation with Influence to spend will propose a matter to debate. After a topic is proposed, nations will vote for or against, or choose to abstain.

    However, since no nation chose to collect Influence, and as such, even though many wish to halt Japan’s aggression, no nation could put forward the motion.

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    No destroyers ach. Got to have them. Can you use a countries token placed under them for now? Color won’t match but

  • @general-6-stars

    Hmm, good idea. I’ll use 1941 destroyer units then

  • Three consecutive rounds were played today, as such I will be compiling all 4 rounds played so far into one single slideshow to be posted tomorrow

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    @monsieurmurdoch Nice ! : ) Good game report. Was a fun read

  • Apologies for the delay in posting the game reports. Had to wait tom complete the fourth round and get some of the pictures. Will post report either later today or tomorrow.

  • @monsieurmurdoch has anyone mentioned a house rule for defenseless transports? Instead of an instalkill, they have a chance to escape. I had an expansion set for classic that dealt with this. Any unit that attacked defenseless transports got one shot at them at normal attack values except subs and battleships. Subs and battleships would roll at 4 or less and would get to fire (up to two shots) for each transport.

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    I have a transport rule that can escape on a dice roll if it survives a combat round.

  • @Darth-Vahl
    That’s a good idea, I’ll definitely add something like that in.

    What’s the rule out of curiosity, cause then I can maybe use yours and/or Vahl’s in the game or use both you guys as inspiration for my own rule

  • Update!
    Compiled games report for rounds 1-4 will be posted tomorrow.

    Am starting to compile a set of Alternate History scenarios as well as my own set of House Rules

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    Lone transports only. Enemy has to kill them. If they are not killed get a escape roll @2 each.
    My game transports defend @2 against planes only too. So if a plane kills them they get a AA shot and if a sub or ship kills them no defense shot at them.

    That’s for d12 die. For d6 then @1. Even better odds.

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