1914 TGC (Central Powers) vs Kwas (Entente) - no bid

  • @the_good_captain Um, yeah I change my mind. I officially concede lol. I think it’s just gonna be a slow grind to death for me and it’s probably gonna be boring/unpleasant.

    Let me know any thoughts you had about this particular game against me and if you have any tips that I missed since this was my first time.

    As for me, I was surprised by how tough it was to play the Allies (given I’ve heard of just how “broken” this game is against the Central Powers). Russia seems to doomed to die and that’s like 25 IPCs which will more or less balance the economy. I really didn’t know what to do with them. I wasn’t sure if I should have attacked the Germans on the first turn, maybe I should have. They are knocked out of the game around the time America comes in. If they aren’t, then it may be an auto-win for Allies, who knows.

    I was also surprised by how difficult it is to mobilize Americans. They don’t do anything for a loooong time. So it really feels like a 3 v. 4 game for the majority of the game.

    I will try a concentrated Ottoman attack the next time. Russians are poised to attack them as well, might as well make them useful before they die.

    I will probably re-read the rules before our next game and have some time to recover from this CRUSHING LOSS lol. I can try the Central Powers in our next game but I don’t mind trying the Allies right again.

  • @kwaspek104 no problem and good game. I have completed 12 games of 1914 at the time of this writing. Each of them has been interesting as regards Russia. With Russian Revolution in effect, I feel that Russia is best played exchanging pieces. If Russia exits the game, revolution or not, and lost as much as she killed - GG to both sides.

    I think the CP understanding how to kill Russia and Russia understanding how to fight properly is the first “wall” to break through in having a balanced game. It does appear the game was designed to continue after the fall of Russia too.

    But on the Russia question, what to do is not clear or intuitive. As an example: I accidentally completely threw away a game when I created a contested zone in Moscow and my opponent simply surrendered his capital and moved into the only adjacent contested territory. In this way he avoided the revolution entirely (capital must be contested or Russia controlled). I had to offer a concession based on the size of his army and my surprise at this move. I just didn’t comprehend that angle at all.

    The dance between the CP and Russia is not intuitive. It is complicated. That’s how I feel at this time anyway. As for USA, I thump Spain on USA 4 and do a 8 transports, 4/4 shuck of 8 inf per turn and walk into Italy/France. Maximum economic efficiency is my preferred method for USA. My opponents disagree to a man and usually build 10-12 transports and fly them around the Mediterranean. Concession appears to come if the CP captures or fails to capture Rome, not Paris. Once Rome falls, the minefield flips and the Mediterranean becomes an instant nightmare for Entente, and worse when Marseilles falls (another minefield).

  • Yeah I still honestly don’t understand the Russian Revolution rules lol. It’s giving submarines a run for their money when it comes to “most convoluted rule in Axis and Allies.” It might be useful in your video series to just have one video explaining some of the rule differences this game has from other AnA games, especially Russian Revolution lol.

  • @kwaspek104 absolutely. I aim to cover the rules, yes but also illustrate their implications. I will try to demonstrate different common situations and the most “proper” responses. Who understands this rule better will have a massive advantage, which is kinda lame imo. That being said, I think it is the most thought provoking and nuanced optional rule in the entire canon. Personally, I love it. It is incredible how much tension and excitement it creates - its almost an over the board negotiation. Both sides have a say in what happens and when. It’s not up to any one side’s control. I mean, the CP can always DENY the offer and carry on crushing Russia. Nuts.

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