After losing main capital, can you still buy if you have an I.C. elsewhere?

  • I always thought that you still get the transfer of IPCs if you capture a capital while your own is gone. It’s just that you can’t spend it, since you skip all phases except combat and noncombat. I wouldn’t go so far as to say you collect the enemy’s income when you capture their capital, although there does exist barely enough grounds to make that argument.

    Has anyone ever seen a double capital tradeoff? It’s pretty funny when like Russia captures Germany and gets loaded with like 50 cash, then all of a sudden Japan rearends Russia and collects all of that cash! =D

  • Hey thanks, that’s the answer I was looking for. In my game Japan lost her home capital and did not conquer Moscow (was in hands of Germany) but Japan had a factory in Indo-China and in India (conquered from the British). But nscswitch has the answer and indeed, it says in the manual Japan cannot build anymore though it has a production facility.

    Thanks for the answer!



  • 2007 AAR League


    Ah, found it…Â

    It is a matter of terminology.  Specifically, the terms now used are “collect” instead of the old “raid”

    Here is the excerpt from LHTR…

    Capturing and Liberating Capitals
    If you capture a territory containing an enemy capital (Washington, Moscow, London, Berlin, or Tokyo), follow the same procedure as for capturing a territory. Add the captured territory’s income value to your national production. In addition, you collect all unspent IPCs from the former owner of the captured capital.

    Notice that it says that you COLLECT income (emphasis added above), you do not raid it, seize it, or anything else, you COLLECT it.

    Then there is this…

    In this phase, you earn production income to finance future attacks and strategies. Look up your power’s national production level (indicated by your control marker) on the National Production Chart, and collect that number of IPCs from the bank. Double-check your income by counting up the value of all the territories you control.

    If your capital is under an enemy power’s control, you cannot collect income. A power cannot lend or give IPCs to another power, even if both powers are on the same side.

    So… since you COLLECT the IPC’s held by the enemy if you take their capital, and if you CANNOT COLLECT income when your own capital is enemy held… you do NOT get the money for taking an enemy capital when your own has fallen.

    Sorry, Switch, but you are using these excerpts wrong. You can’t just look at the wording “collect”. That’s misleading, whatever terminology you use it happens in different phases. Phase 7 is just called “collect income” in which you collect income for your territories. You can not draw the conclusion that because the words coincide a “raid” of money is prohibited.

    All the rules state is that you skip all phases but CM and NCM. It is NOT wrong to seize(or collect if you wish) money during those phases. It is during phase 7 you can’t collect income.

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