• Whenever I play (especially with Germany), I like to shake my first turn up alot, to keep it interesting. Well, I just realized, just about the only thing I haven’t tried with Germany is first turn rockets upgrade. What do you guys think is a good economic balance for researching rockets in a practical way?

  • I’ve done it with 15 points on the first turn.  It’s not a garuntee but it gets you a good shot at it.  once you have it move your AA out of Southern Europe and into the Balkans and you can hit Caucaus, England and Russia every turn.  It’s a decent way to slow things down a bit and can really hurt Russia in the long run since you can hit two of his IPC’s.

  • 15? 3 dice? That seems like fairly poor odds.

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    15? 3 dice? That seems like fairly poor odds.

    It’s 50/50, not that bad of odds.  (LL)  And the return is what, 18 IPCs max per round?

  • Ive never researched in a game myself.  But the 1 I like the best is rockets unless ur Japan or US.
    Even spending 30, as Germany, which is theoretically 100% chance of getting it is worth it.  Considering it takes awhile for the any of those AAs to get taken say 4turns minimum.  Now if u hit for 9-18 per thats 36-72 b4 any of them get captured.  Thats worth the investment in the long run.

  • @SuperClifford:

    Even spending 30, as Germany, which is theoretically 100% chance of getting it is worth it.

    6 dices isn’t 100% chance of getting it. Hundred dices wouln’t be either…

  • i know that but 6 dice to get a 1/6 odds thing is theoretically a 100% but it never is dice always hate the person who rolls them.

    Ive never bolded or underlined anything b4 on a forum so thats kinda wierd.

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    Technically speaking its as close to 100% as can be.  Sure, you could miss, or you could succeed 6 times.

  • Hrm, I may just try for 4 dice, $20. Thanks guys!

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    Doing that vegas roll basically is a busted game play. If you fail you have lost. If you win % is much lower than 50% it may be worthwhile to play like this, except your victory will be unearned. If you play above 50% w/o rockets their is no value bet in that pot. Sorry for the Poker terms

  • Risky…but hell, I might just give it a try next time I’m Germany.

    A little short on Inf for the first turn, but if successful, it won’t matter by turn two or three.

  • 1 die: ~16%
    2 dice: ~31%
    3 dice: ~42%
    4 dice: ~52%
    5 dice: ~60%
    6 dice:  ~66%

    The most efficient way to do this is one die per turn, because anything over one die in one turn gives you “less” chance than the first one due to overlap. But you probably want to roll more than that because one die will net you rockets on average much later, possibly not even before the game ends.

  • Well I’ve started Germany with a 20 spent on heavy bomber and 15 in rockets.  Got lucky and picked up both of them.  Ended up winning with it as well.  Way to lucky to count on it, but it keeps things interesting.

  • you can’t research two techs in one round

  • Look in the OM you can.  It only says that you have to choose both techs and how much you are spending on each before you start to roll.  You could go for all 6 if you really wanted to.  What you can’t do (which you could in the old game) is spend money on tech then spend more money on tech.

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    I think tech needs to be a one shot deal.  You shouldn’t be allowed to roll for the same tech twice in a game…you either find it that first attempt, or it’s lost to you forever!

    I also think tech should be capturable.  If England has Heavy Bombers and Germany succeeds at Op Sea Lion, then they should have Heavy Bombers.

  • 2007 AAR League

    That would be cool except if someone is going to research something they should be strong enough that they wont be losing otherwise they are stupid in wasting IPC’s for tech rolls

  • Huh, Jennifer, I like those ideas, I don’t really understand why the first one should be like that, but I like the second idea alot. Very representative of the war’s actual end with Germany’s rocket program. Perhaps a great addition to any kind of free for all house rules.

  • No.

    The FAQs neutered German rockets, greatly limiting the number of attacks you can makes, and limiting the economic damage.  Check the website.

    It used to be that German rocket research was an excellent and successful strategy; you’d build five or six AA guns and cripple Moscow and London.  No longer.

    As far as house rules, I recommend posting in the “House Rules” forum.

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