Retreat from naval combat

  • I and my brothers-in-law have become recent players of A&A after years of Risk and Statego. We play a gentlemanly game, but a recent dispute arose: I sent a fleet of ships including a battleship into the waters off the Japanese home islands to engage a fleet there. My goal was to eliminate his transports. After a tough fight, I sank all his ships except his battleship. My armada was likewise mostly destroyed and my battleship had taken one hit. I declared a retreat from combat. As far as I was concerned, I had more than met my objective and had reduced much of Japan’s offensive power - it wasn’t worth losing my battleship, though. The other player objected. He first said I could not retreat because it would be movement after having used up my 2 movement points. Then he argued that a damaged battleship could not move on account of its damaged status. Third there ws the question of where to retreat to. Must my battleship retreat to the last sea zone it had occupied (in moving toward combat) or to any open sea zone? My reading of the rules says I can retreat at any point in the attack, but I don’t know about the other two questions.

  • The first two are just wrong.

    Retreat DOES allow you to exceed movement limits.
    There is no restriction on moving a damaged BB.

    As for the 3rd…
    You can retreat ALL of your units one space to any ONE sea zone that ANY of your naval units came from/passed through.  FIGs retreat differently and are covered elsewhere.

    Lastly… with the 2-hit BB being mentioned I have to ask… which version of Axis and Allies are you playing?  If it is from Avalon Hill, be sure to check out the “Revised” topic area here at this site for rules and questions taht apply to that version of teh game.  If you are playing the old Hasbro version (no destroyers, no Artillery), then you are in the right place 🙂

  • Yeah, we are playing the new version with destroyers and guns. I’ve never played the game before last month. I came at him with a sub a destroyer and a battleship. He had a destroyer, two transports and a battleship. Luck of the dice and his desire to save his battleship ended his chances of getting anything off of Japan for a time.

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