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    I did a bit more tinkering on this over the past weekend. I’m in the process of working up the various factions as well as reading back through some of the comments you guys have made. I think I’m going with the idea of there being no specific time frame for game turns and a set number of turns per game (I’m thinking 12-15 turns per game, but I’d have to see how everything actually works out). On the faction side of the house, I’m thinking 3-5 major factions, and if another player jumps in, 3-5 minor factions and some neutrals. The minor factions could align themselves with one of the majors. One other idea I’m been giving some thought to is “Tech Levels”. More advanced cultures would get an attack or defense bonus vs. ones with less advanced tech, but I might drop the idea if it complicates things to much.

    How many hours are you wanting the game to take?

  • @slip-capone I’d like it not to last more than 3-4 hours, but we’ll see how it rolls once I actually start playing things out.

  • 2022


    I’m not too sure, I usually only judged that by how the time required to have accuracy, but I guess try to make the game as short as possible whilst allowing all the cool features to shine.

  • I’ve got some free time this week, so I’ll be fleshing out a few more details for this, and starting to work on a unit table listing out the cost of each unit, attack, defense, movement, special abilities, and I’m going to tinker around with adding an electronics rating to units. The way I see it working is you couldn’t attack a unit unless you’re able to detect it. Higher electronic ratings allow you to detect enemy units or keep you from being detected. I’ll post more on it as I get this stuff worked out.

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