• Let’s keep the controversy going.

    One thing has always pissed me off…calling black people “African American.” But why?

    For one, no one calls white people “European Americans.” Sure, we can be called “caucasian”, but how does me being white do with the mountains south of stalingrad (now volgagrad)? Also, the term “African American” seperates black people more from whites…the word itself suggests that they need a special posistion of sorts. As long as whites are whites, blacks are blacks. Anyone in between escapes the stereotypes of “colour”(like you call an Arab arab, a Latino latino, or a chinese guy, a chinese guy) 😄

    So that is why I call black people black. Not because I think any less of a black person because of their color (because color doesn’t mean anything, it is the quality of a personas character…I have met more a**hole whites than any other color!), but calling a black person something else from what they are as an attempt to seperate them from the rest of society. I believe in assimilation, not the other way around.

    Another thing is that not all blacks consider themselves “African American.” A guy my dad knows (a student of his) is from Jamaica, and does not consider himself African American…in fact, he calls blacks not from jamaica “niggers” because where he works in nYC, they steal from his automotive repair shop (“they” as in an oversimplification.)

    Am I alone on this one?

  • you’re not alone…i totally agree….political correctness is overrated and it only works to create more seperation…

  • '19 Moderator

    I consider myself a native american, because I was born here. Besides its to hard to say Irish-Dutch-German-Swedish-English-American 😄

  • Italian-german-russian-french american. otherwise known as european american…otherwise known as caucasian…otherwise known as white…otherwise known as whitey, otherwise known as cracker, snowflake, honkey, and “the man.”

  • “the man” does not refer to whitey……it refers to the controlling and dictating nature of society, the reason we should act a certain way. It does not refer to a white controlling body or american or european, it is simply the controlling societal factors that dicatate behavior…even the unfounded ones… 😄

  • It’s the sad truth that you have to be policalluy correct in this country.

  • On 2002-05-02 16:35, btownthug16 wrote:
    “the man” does not refer to whitey……it refers to the controlling and dictating nature of society, the reason we should act a certain way. It does not refer to a white controlling body or american or european, it is simply the controlling societal factors that dicatate behavior…even the unfounded ones… 😄

    so you’re telling me when someone is blaming the man, they don’t in any way hint at the fact that the white man is bringing him down?

  • i don’t consider my self white or cacasion i distingush my self from what i call human sub-species. were all human and have the same gnome to prove it but becase we had spent so much time seperated from each other as a species weve evolved in to sub species the same way that dogs have. every sub species has traits that difer and diciguish them from each other the most notable is skin colour. but don’t get me wrong this by no way makes any of them superor or inferior to any other. it just gives us a seperet name besides human.
    mongolians can not get scurvy. the inuet can make sounds in there throuts that most of us could not posible imatate if we practicesed all are lives. as for my self, i’m scananavian and my ears and nose distigush me from others of european decent.
    but as more races intermix it wont be long (about 10,000 years give or take) before we become 1 homoginised speices once more.

  • Mongolians can’t get scurvey? I wish i had some sort of special ability…

  • '19 Moderator

    I’m sitting here trying to imagine mini_phreek’s ears and nose. 😉

    I heard I guy refer to a white guy once as a “Snowmonkey” I thought it was pretty damn funny!

    I have a special power…

    Ah… no I don’t. I was just trying to be special. 😉

    “Always mystify confuse and confound the enemy” Gen. Thomas J Jackson
    D-Backs- 16W 11L


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  • Yes i’m saying when someone says “you’re a tool of the man” they are not referring to the white man….maybe we’re thinking of it in different contexts but everyone i’ve ever talked to that used that term did not mean it racially…of course maybe that’s because I live in a stupid 98% white town :sad: :sad: :sad:

  • welcome to my world!

    IMO mostly trash blame threir problems on the man, like Homer Simpson…but i have heard it in the context of “whitey.”

  • Maybe someday we’ll all refer to ourselves by no other word but “American”. Then, we will really have something. Being a veteran, occasionally during your time of service you do get that feeling - we’re all the same.

    Question to all European members. Do you have the same problem with different ethnic groups searching for identities outside their countries’ name???

    The “MAN” usually refers to authority figures. Historically, it refers to old white guys running the Western governments and industry.

  • I see what you are saying. I wish, sometime in my lifetime, that there won’t be class divides based on race (like the “minority vote” and such…they will be the majority anyway.) But as in physical description. If someone asks you, what does your friend look like, what’s wrong with saying “black” if they are?

  • '19 Moderator

    It is strange how things are different in the millitary. I guess it’s because everyone has the same haircut and dresses the same.

    I remember my best friend in basic training showing me a picture of his car. I asked him who the geek was standing next to it, and it was him. Of course I told him I was just kidding but I knew from the picture that I would never have been friends with him “back on the block”.


  • Your right Horten, maybe some day we can refer to our differences without insulting each other. It’s real difficult when we can’t agree on what’s “Politically Correct” to say (MAN DO I HATE THAT TERM!!!).

  • first course of action:

    “politically correct” is officially banned.

    does that help?

  • Political correctness is worthless. They changed B.C, meaning before christ, to B.C.E, meaning before common era. I totally agree that most political correctness creates a further gap between minorities, and it may be the source of all minorities. Either way you look at it, I am human, you are human, and every other person on this earth is hopefully human. Why should we distinguish ourselves by the way we dress, look, or act. Segregation at any cost, weather it be gender or race or religion, may be the true source of hatred and violence in the world. Humans are humans; and thats final.

  • I agree that political correctness is overrated. That includes color-blindness. Our differences, while not seperating us, should still be acknowledged. We have all had different experiences, so we all have something different to bring to the table.

  • Yes, but the things we bring to the table are knowledge of past experiences and not judgements based on color and gender.

  • Congrats on the 500th post horten

  • 500! woo hoo!

    IMO, color should bne no mroe than a physical description.

  • IMO, color should bne no mroe than a physical description.


  • B.C.E.- Before Common Era?
    What’s dat meen? Could be a mistake for Before Common Error.
    “Did somebody say ‘…cookies’?”-
    -Cookie Monster

  • xi unless you slept through every sience class you ever took, you would know that an era is a piroid of geological time.
    there are 3 ears that divide earth’s life history are the paleozoic (540-250 MYA)mesozoic (250-65 MYA) and cenozolic (65 MYA- present) we also mesurer human history as an era from 10,000 bce- present (2002) any thing before then is considered prehistoric
    and we show this by a simple sientific addaptation to the grogorian calander’s wording.

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