• Has anyone ever thought about bringing bombers to the field?

    i did, and  heres how i think they could work:

    they are placed on the field like aircraft, and have AT and AI attacks like aircraft, BUT heres the biggie, inseatd of the “aircraft” ability, its “Heavy aircraft” wich gives other non Heavy aircraft +1 on dice rolls (not stacked with Anti Air), and the bombers ability could be say Bombs 10 wich could be an attack used to hit everything underneath and in front of the bomber, but would alsa have the blast and bombardment abilities kinda built into it.

    i think that only being able to attack underneath and infront(like a one way strafe) would allow the other player to mount a good defense against this otherwise pretty powerful attack.

    one bomber stat idea

    Lancaster bomber 19 pts.
    Heavy aircraft(explained above)
    Bombs 10(also explained abouve)
    AI 8/7/-

    Well anyone who has an oppinion tell me what you think. 😄

  • Sounds pretty cool.  I seriously thought a bomber would be out for the D-Day booster.  To balace the bomber it would have to be a lot points cause I seriously think a bomber like that would tear up the countryside really bad.  Of course make it with high defense.

    Id say something like this for the Lancaster.



    Superior Armor 2

    Bombs 16


    Inaccurate- Minus one on attack dice

    AI 12/10/-
    AT 8/6/-

    The high defense will be good for the bomber since you said that non-aircraft will get +1 on attack dice.  That means SS-Panzergrenadiers wont have an easy task of taking out the bomber.

  • no , sorry i worded that wrong, i meant other Non-Heavy AIRCRAFT got +1 on the dice, not all units. but i suppose your right, bombers should also have higher defense, but i also forgot to mention that the bombs should be alimited ability like AP rounds, or roket salvo.
    but superior armor on a bomber? i dunno, maybe but if so 6/6 is kinda high then, cause other planes and AA guns usually roll like nine dice, but then again, Bombers would be a priority target… But the innacurate would make it virtually useless in defending itslef against other aircraft, and plus, it souldnt have such high normal AT cause if you think about it all thoes machine guns in the turrets arent really gonnna do much to say a panzer 4, but your right about having higher AI dice cause all thoes machineguns would be a living nightmare against infantry. :evil:
    also the bomb ablility would kinda ignore cover and hit everthing in a hex so blast and bombrdment wouldnt be nesscessarry i think.

  • ‘We’ have been talking about that here some (my ‘group’ and I), and I agree that SA2 is a bit much for an aircraft (look at the cost).  However, I think that it and other aircraft (of the same size, type, role, etc.) should have an additional ‘hit’ on them.  So, instead of being disrupted or destroyed, they’re now disrupted, damaged, then destroyed.

    And, there are ‘salvo’ rules floating around the net somewhere that seem to work well for rockets, and I think they could be slightly modified to work for carpet bombing.  As it is, a bomb could work really well if they had to be placed on that hex (but automatically added 4 hexes to the distance of the aircraft; for non anti-air units shooting at it; as to represent the relative distance that it is ‘up’).  I also like the bombardment and blast ideas as well (check back after it has been used AGAINST me!).  I don’t think that it should have any AI/AT rating for ground units (only the bombing run ability), but have an AI (Still having the Anti-air ability so it needs 5+ to hit; inaccurate) rating against other aircraft.

    As for the cost however, I think that is a bit shy of what I’d see it being.  It would be a very powerful unit (10 dice, plus bombard and blast!), so the cost should reflect that.  Perhaps around 30 points would better reflect a unit of this magnitude.  A unit that can be brought in each turn, is hard to kill, and will very likely kill whatever it is aiming to kill (or at least have a high probability to do so with blast, bombard, and 10 dice).

    This all simplifies it so that the unit now has one function, albeit a powerful one, to decimate a hex!  Heck, to balance the inacurate a bit more, you could say that it has 12 dice (the cost easily justifies that or 14 dice against everything).  But, once it is damaged, it will be VERY hard to do anything further with that unit… perhaps having it out for a turn per hit (optional ‘out’ time for repairs) could allow it to come back in ‘clean’…  again, that is something that would obviously make the unit more valuable (read: expensive).


    Cost: 28



    Bombing Run: Once per turn the Lancaster may make an attack against the hex that it is in or one of the forward adjacent hexes.  This attack has 10 dice.  This attack uses the Bombardment and Blast rules as well.

    Inaccurate: Minus one on attack dice

    Anti-Air: This unit uses it’s AI rating to attack other aircraft as normal, but may not use that rating to attack anything but aircraft.  This unit also ignores the penalty for attacking aircraft.

    Heavy Aircraft: This aircraft unit has an additional ‘hit’ before being destroyed.

    AI 8/6/-
    AT -/-/-

  • i did something along theese lines if i had access to the cards right now i would post them, i made an ability called high level bomber only hits on 6’s no double damage on them its so i could integrate them into my campaign for europe at war fought with minis.

    i also remeber reading about someone saying they had an official cost conversion, i would have som interest in this as im trying to balance out the mechanics at the moment.

  • I don’t know about this. Heavy bombers flew at high altitudes and could not make attacks in such close proximity to friedly troops on a map of this scale I would think. I could see them attacking one half of the board and hitting randomly a string of around 4 hexes.

    I will say ad the owner of a substantial German Army, the rules for the Stuka were disappointing with that planes power and ability to make precsion attacks. The damage done according to the stats is not a fair representation of what that plane could do. Should have been a rule about intimidation with the plane. Especially the Ju-87’s that used the siren of Jericho.

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