• Wolf Packs roamed to Atlantic for the very purpose of blocking allied convoys… but this game makes convoys able to eagerly slip tru ennemy subs. Am I reading this wrong?

    But seriously. Are convoys (or even unescorted transports, for that matter) actually allowed to pass by ennemy subs unhindered, and then drop their warloads on far-away seashores? For example, could the US pick up troops in Canada, then slip tru wolf pack in seazone 9, and then drop hell in France? (rulebook, page 13)

    Yes, I am aware they cannot conduct amphibious assaults if subs are guarding the coastline… which leads us to my next question:

    Non-combat move.
    D-Day was successful: France has been taken by the brits. Still, there is a german sub in seazone 8 (don’t ask why). Same move from the Yankees: unescorted transport moving troops from Canada to France, as its non-combat move. (page 21 seems to allow unloading from unescorted transport as part of the non-combat move)

    Please tell me I’m wrong… and tell me why!

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    U do make a valid point about when subs are not on the coasts transports should pass through sea zones without sub stopping. For 42 can’t remember if they do but they should get to pass through in combat and non combat based on ships can go by subs undetected like subs can move by enemy ships if no destroyer present in that fleet

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    We use this rule (see attached pdf file).

    The rule is part of the Axis & Allies Global 1940 Expansion, but can easily be converted to use for all Axis & Allies variants.

    Subs on the prowl.pdf

  • @general-6-stars Thank you.
    If I understand you correctly, you’re saying I was right: submarines have no blocking power whatsoever and convoys can pass them by unhindered, including even unescorted transports.
    …which raises my actual question: isn’t that crazy?
    I mean, wolf packs were DESIGNED to block convoys!

  • @the-captain Thank you.
    However, that PDF you provided is not relevant to my question, since it pertains solely to attacking with subs.
    My trouble is with the fact that 1942.2 rules allow ennemy subs to be utterly ignored by passing ships, including even unescorted transports. IMHO, this rule is crazy and seriously reduces the functionality of submarines.
    Which is why I wanted first to confirm I understood them correctly, as General6Stars appears to have confirmed. (but he did say he couldn’t remember for sure)

  • @chaikov
    Any other comments? Anyone?

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    So the issue is you don’t like any surface ship passing through a sea zone by a enemy sub undetected ?

    Same rule for a sub if no destroyer present. Based on sea zones huge bodies of water so not that easy to detect transport ship.

    The game is based in 42. Time frame early Jan or later no idea. Wolf packs at there peak in Feb 42. So maybe Larry was thinking Wolffies were on the decline so he just for go the convoy raiding.

    I have made a advanced 42 game with added convoy boxes to a map and a bunch of other things to spice it up. Added Tacs to so they can convoy raid a box. I have 3 German subs in the Atlantic so if Germany wants plus 2 more in Baltic can raid 4 boxes turn 1.

    I don’t see nothing wrong with rule. Here’s the map I’m using. If interested in.


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    @chaikov Yes, you’re interpreting the rules correctly.

    However, WWII submarines didn’t “block” convoys. They attacked them, causing significant losses, but not stopping them altogether. Submarines were given the ability to pass through enemy units (countered by destroyers) in order to give them better survivability so they could live to attack on their own turn. This works both ways so that players can’t flood the board with cheap blockers and slow down game play.

    I hope this helps.

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    subs do block landings. Unescorted transports cannot conduct combat drops–unless accompanied by a surface warship

    (especially in variants that allow you to pass through blockers) you can create a situation where you have no dd left to detect and only air units left to destroy a defending sub, so it cannot be destroyed, the sz cannot be cleared, and the landing cannot proceed.

    these are two situations already covered by the rules where subs do block sea movement

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    Everyone has made valid points, and in addition to that one must remember that submarines never really encountered or attacked troop ships during the war in a way that mattered overall (which means in a way that will be shown on the game). As noted, submarines are used to attack.

    Possibly at transport unit also contains some escorts.

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