Transport to hostile sz then land units in friendly territory

  • I am not clear on this move. I am playing the allies in Spring 1942. Still in round 1. I have the UK original carr with 1 fght, 1 cruiser and 1 transport in sz 35. My good buddy opponent (axis) failed to take Egypt on his first try. He does have his Bttl and transport in sz 15 after destroying the UK destroyer. I want to attack these with the bomber from London along with the carr, fght and cruiser from sz 35. Can I take my transport along for the combat move and unload 1 or 2 infantry into Eqypt (which still belongs to UK)? I looked in the rulebook. On page 13 it states “If a transport encounters hostile surface warships (not enemy submarines and/or transports) AFTER it begins to move (not counting the sea zone it started in), its movement for that turn ends, and it must stop there and conduct sea combat.” So do you interpret this as being part of a combat move with the consideration being that if the UK force is destroyed, the transport and all of its cargo is as well? If not destroyed, I can offload my infantry into Egypt even though this is not an amphibious assault?

  • @genken Are there enemy ships in sz35 ?

  • @ampdrive No enemy ships in sz 35. This is round one…

  • @genken Since sz 35 is not hostile,you would transport your troops to Egypt on your non-combat move(NCM).Keep in mind you need to own BOTH Egypt and Transjordan at the beginning of your turn to move your navy through suez canal.If the battle in sz15 goes badly and you retreat to sz 34,you can still have the transport join your fleet in sz34 and unload troops to Egypt from there as a NCM.

  • @ampdrive Thank you ampdrive. So in 1942 it would be done on NCM even though sz 15 was hostile at the beginning of the turn?

  • @genken

    At the time the transport moves during NCM, seazone 15 (hopefully) has become friendly, so the loaded troops may be unloaded into friendly Egypt.

    In case the seabattle in SZ 15 failed, you would not be able to perform this transport move.

  • @panther Thank you very much panther…

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