• 1. Ok, with the UK bombers, can they go through the two sea zones (the straight thing between Norway and Wester Europe) to bomb Germany

    2. Or do  they have to fly over Western E. and Germany while being fired at by anti-air.
    I have always played the couldn’t go to that sea zone then bomb Germany but they have to fly over W.E…

    Please tell me you can skip the anti-air guns. :-D

    Thanks in ADVANCE!!

  • You can skip the extra AA by going through the two sea zones

  • Is that a rule or is that how you play?

    Sorry for being technical about it. Im in the middle of a game right now at my uncle’s.

    THanks :-D

  • 2007 AAR League

    you are completely free to choose what ever route you want your aircraft to take as long as they have a legal place to land.  It is the rule, & the reason they provide the aircraft movement chips (although most people don’t use them).

  • Correct, YOU choose the flight path.  So long as it is legal in terms of spaces moved, it is a LEGAL move.

  • And, since you can pick the route, by all means pick the route with the least amount of hazards!  Sometimes those AA’s seem to have eyes (so to speak) and get a lot more hits than are warrented.

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