• I’m reading a book titled Stalin’s War. The book is mainly about pre June 1941 and Stalin’s attempts to cause a prolonged conflict. It’s fantastic.

    I learned that Italy nearly declared war on the USSR over the Finland invasion. Instead the government sent arms.

    Question: Had France and Britain established a base at Petsamo in the North and attacked the Caucasian oil fields. And Italy declared war on the USSR. How would a continental war between France, Italy, and Britain vs Germany and the USSR?

    Where would Turkey and Eastern Europe choose in this fight?

  • @abworsham4 thanks Ben. Will look up that book.

  • @abworsham4

    Unfortunately, the powers of both sides are not comparable to any of the games, so we can’t just play it out with side switching house rules (and other stuff too, but I’m just saying a new setup will need to be designed). The Soviets were even less modernised than in 1941. The real question is Germany. If Germany fights with the Soviets, (depends on what Hitler’s short term plan is) the outcome is uncertain, especially with Italy’s allegiance. It Germany fights against the Soviets, the Soviets would probably fall, especially if Japan can be convinced to jump into the war.

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