[Global 1940] Control Marker for Holland/Belgium

  • It is my opinion that the control marker for Holland/Belgium should actually be the Dutch control marker, instead of Germany’s. Germany still starts the game controlling this territory. But I do not believe it is proper for Germany to be able to build a MAJOR industrial complex there. Also, I believe this territory should be treated as a formerly-neutral territory (so that it is never “liberated” to Germany).

    Has this been covered in an errata? If so, I did not find this. IF it was covered in a previous errata, could someone please post a link to that source?

    In any case, I’d appreciate your thoughts on this idea.

    Thank you.

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    @franklin_cain yea it’d make sense for it to be Dutch and German controlled. Treat it the same as the Dutch Territories in the Pacific and the Chinese ones controlled by Japan.

    You could house rule it. I guess that way Italy could get it if they conquered it after Germany lost it. I’ve never seen Germany build a major there or even a minor : )

    Those are the rules though : ) So yea, no erratta

    I suppose Poland, Norway and Denmark should be treated as Neutrals though. Vyborg, Baltic States and Bessarabia for USSR too. Maybe Poland Pro-Allies ? Vyborg Pro-Axis ? Hmm … I’d say no to Vyborg.

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