• In the rules-as-written, Germany and Italy share a National Objective and Bonus Income of 2 IPCs per territory for controlling Iraq, Persia, and/or Northwest Persia, under the “theme” of “access to strategic oil reserves.” I’ve got two questions about this…

    Q1) First of all, shouldn’t this bonus be for any Power that is at war (even Japan, if it can get that far west), not just Germany and Italy?

    Q2) Secondly, what about Saudi Arabia? Why isn’t that territory included in this list? (Yes, I know, they are strictly neutral. But still…) Are the Saudi oil fields not sufficiently developed in the 1940s to be strategically desirable?

    I’d appreciate your thoughts on these, especially from any history buffs who can give relevant insights on Saudi Arabia’s value in 1940 (per Q2, above).

    Thanks! 😉

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    Saudi’s had some oil but wasn’t mass produced until after the war.

  • Because everyone can use more oil, I am considering adding the following “house rule.” I’d be grateful for your thoughts and feedback, please.


    Every Power at war (except China; see below) – even if they are at war against only one enemy Power – receives the following additional National Objective and Bonus Income. (Per the rules-as-written, this was only for Germany and Italy.)

    When at War:
    (*) 2 IPCs per territory for controlling Iraq, Persia, and/or Northwest Persia. Theme: Access to strategic oil reserves.

    Since China fights strictly defensively, China will never be able to control any of these territories. Therefore, this N.O./B.I. does not apply to China.

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    @franklin_cain Russia probably go hard at it. They kinda do for the spread of commiesm anyway. Not that those TTys provide it, there just in the way.

    Don’t see anything wrong with it. Allies probably get it more than Axis. They and Russia are at a disadvantage oob anyway

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