Those weird rules about mobilizing fighters and AC

  • Trying to decipher what can and cannot be done when mobilizing fighters and/or Aircraft Carriers. And to make things worse, I need an answer both for REVISED and for 1942-2nd-EDITION, since our playgroup enjoys both versions.

    These we know we can do, with either version:
    1-bring out a brand new AC loaded with brand new fighters
    2-park old fighters above water and slip a brand new AC under them

    This, apparently, can only be done with REVISED:
    3-build a brand new AC and move old fighters onto it from land (from which the AC came)
    (I guess the fighters came from too far to reach the sea zone and profit from #2, above)

    This, apparently, can only be done with 1942-2nd-Ed:
    4-bring out brand new fighters directly onto an old AC, adjacent to the land that produced them

    First off: is all of the above correct?
    Second: isn’t it weird that REVISED doesn’t allow #4? or that 1942-2nd doesn’t allow #3?
    Third: Am I correct to assume that, under the correct scenario, #3 could allow a fighter to actually move 5 spaces?


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    @chaikov You’ve got it completely right for AA42, but you’re a little off for AAR. For AAR, it depends on whether you’re talking about OOB or LHTR (Larry Harris Tournament Rules), and what you’ve said appears to be a hybrid between the two.

    In AAR OOB, you cannot land fighters in a sea zone in anticipation of mobilizing a carrier there. The only way to get existing fighters onto a new carrier is to have them in the territory containing the IC from which the carrier is mobilized and move them onto the new carrier upon mobilization. Yes, you correct that this could allow a fighter to in effect move 5 spaces, which is why the rule was changed in LHTR and AA42.

    In AAR LHTR, it works the same way that it does in AA42.

  • @krieghund Thank you very much, your help is deeply appreciated!
    It’s a pleasure to hear we got things right for AA42 and that weird 5-space fighter shenanigan. Glad they removed it.

    As for landing fighter in a sea zone waiting for a carrier to be built, I agree it cannot be found in AAR OOB. We got it from this “Axis & Allies Revised FAQ”:

    This FAQ is from 2010, so cannot be some hybridation from 2014 LHTR.
    Page 7 clearly states:
    “An existing fighter (…) that is in the sea zone where the aircraft carrier is built can immediately be moved onto a newly built carrier.”
    So, where did we get it wrong?

    Encore merci pour votre aide,

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    @chaikov It appears you’ve found a minor mistake in the FAQ. Per page 18 of the Rulebook, “If a fighter has no carrier to land on at the end of the noncombat move phase, it is destroyed.” Therefore, it’s impossible for a fighter to exist in a sea zone without a carrier at the beginning of the Mobilize Units phase. There are also several other references in the Rulebook to fighters having to be on carriers by the end of the noncombat move phase, and none to “landing” in a sea zone where a carrier will be mobilized. It’s possible this particular entry was copied from LHTR and not properly “cleaned up” for OOB.

  • @krieghund Thanks again!

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