• Dude all you do is roll dice and if you know how to strategize you can win in the first turn

  • @ShadowHAwk:

    Thing with risk is it is more luck the A&A your starting positions are random. This is also a big advantage since no 2 games are the same in startup. With A&A you can basicaly almost write down the first 2 countries ( russia/germany ) moves without setting up the board. IF you play it a lot it gets predicable.

    They are both great games. Risk is good for a simple game or playing a lot. A&A is good for the longer games with more varried opponents because against 1 person it soon becomes the same game where only the dice make a difference.

    I agree with ShadowHawk.  A&A, although a very fun game, is too predictable in the first round and also it takes awhile to finish.  Risk is random, thus makes it fun to play and also a game can finish rather quickly.

  • Lord of the rings risk is very fun … just played it at a tournament.

  • 2007 AAR League

    hows it different?

  • Its got like 2 teams of armies ( good and evil) and they have special cards for taking what they call a stronghold or a major location of significance. These grant you a special ability in combat or like free armies ( all random) . Plus the ring ( fellowship) moves along a path each turn until it reaches the volcano. The game ends officially after that point. You may also attack your ally. Oh and the ring is an actual cool looking ring. The map is well drawn. Combat is the same a risk, but i may want to tweek it so that the armies have values like in axis and allies. each side has 3 types of units each representing different quantities of armies… my idea was to combine the pieces from that other war of the ring game ( by fantasy flight games) and mave a major battle game… using the risk ruleset ( or not).

  • Does it suck?  Erm  . . .

    The first time i played it, I was like “wow, Australia is teh bomb!  also South America is quite smexy”

    And I won sixteen straight before I started a game with three other players that said “kill him, he always wins” on the very first turn.  :lol:

    Risk is kinda limited.  But even Axis and Allies is kinda limited too.

  • regular risk is ok, but i think risk 2210AD is much better. it gives you allot more options and connects Australia and South America to the rest of the world. if you ever have bad luck during placement you can always shoot for the moon.

  • @cyan:

    regular risk is ok, but i think risk 2210AD is much better. it gives you allot more options and connects Australia and South America to the rest of the world. if you ever have bad luck during placement you can always shoot for the moon.

    Ha ha!

    Moon shot.

    Shoot for the moon.

    It works on so many levels!

    I wept with joy.

  • Risk is a great Game, i cant say it isnt ive grown up on that game and before i could remember playing it but, Axis and allies a couple steps up from risk with risk 2210 being right in the middle. Plus even the adults i know play risk, most of them dont want to learn how to play axis and allies, so it is a great party game, Risk isnt better but it is an awesome game.

  • No one can hate Risk, cmon! its the classic strategy board game! Although A&A is a thousand times better, no doubt in that.

  • Hey Valendez:

    welcome to the forum. I notice your an active poster in many sections. I think your an asset in that respect. Carry on soldier!

  • myself, and my friends that play axis and allies, cannot use our houses to do so… so we pretty much play when we are doing a bunch of stuff at another friend’s house (basically a night where we play DDR, SSBM, Poker, and Axis and Allies)

    but after a while they saw us playing axis and allies and they were all lets play risk… so now we get a lot of games going on where half the people three are playing A&A and half are playing Risk… maybe 1 or two people are in both games…  but once you play axis and allies you really can’t go back to risk in my opinion… its just way too boring…

  • you know if you use the risk pieces and give them aa values it makes for a real fun game

    Infantry 1/2
    Cavalry 2/2
    Artillery 3/3

    you need to assign a point value for armies

    infantry 1 point
    cavalry 2 point
    artillery 3 point

    on builds you take territories and count each as one point so you have 12 territories you got 12 IPC…

    add a general to the game : he adds +1 combat modifier for each unit in battles.

  • it was the first war game I played, and started playing it at eight years old.though me and A close friend went on a risk binge A couple of months ago. We realized who ever went first won, with the exception one sided rolling luck. For that reason I say it does suck!I haven’t played it since.

  • It gets drawn out and takes a long, long, LOOOOOOONG time to finish.

    That said, the best version is the a-symmetrical Star Wars Clone Wars Risk.

    The reason is that it’s a team game, specifically 2v2. The rep team has the immediate advantage of more land and faster card drawing. The sep team however, has to dig in as long as they can. Once order 66 is called, the sep team rolls a 8 sided dice for each rep territory. The longer the sep players wait, the stronger o66 get. So calling o66 on turn 5 would only make number 1 convert a rep colony - a 1/8 chance. But if the sep players wait 10 turns to call it, numbers 1-7 convert a rep into a sep colony.

    Maybe it’s out of line to call it similar to A&A, but if I had to, I’d compare the Axis as the rep and the seps as the Allies. The reps have to strike fast and hard in order to stand a chance. But if the sep players hang on long enough, they will have the advantage, as the US does.

    The other Risk variants use the same equality thing that is boring. Imagine if A&A was the same for each force. Difference is what makes it interesting. So if you are going to try a Risk game, I highly suggest you play the Star Wars one. The asymmetry is what also gives A&A its exciting flavor.

  • Risk, I find, is much more of a social game that can be picked up and played with friends. Its simple and most people know how to play it anyway. The game is different each time (due to random positioning) and its alot more fun among your normal friends thanks to the ability to form treaties, etc. that can’t normally be done in A&A due to static teams.

    That being said, the strategic depth of Risk is very limited. It all comes down to positioning and timing. The nice thing about A&A (but at the same time, the thing that seems to limit it) is the varied unit types. If you want to play a good game of A&A you need five guys that know the rules and are devoted to the game with approximately equal playing ability. In Risk, you can slap together four+ players of decent caliber and you can have a good game.

    I like Risk because my friends seems to have a tough time wrapping their minds around A&A and the difference in skill is astounding. However, there is somthing about A&A that makes it so appealing. That somthing is the strategic depth, but I am repeating myself.

    I like Risk 2210. Its awesome. Many more options.
    I kinda like Risk Godstorm. Its cool to have gods, but I’ve found that 2210 is much more interesting.

  • @Gen:

    The only time I use my copy of Monopoly is when I need fortification pieces for A&A (I use the house and hotel pieces) :-)

    That’s actually a great forgin’ idea!  Do you have any house rules pertaining to these “fortifications”?

  • Oh, and sorry to ignore the original question (I may have posted in this regard already - not sure) I think Risk does suck.  To use Jermo’s metaphor that Risk is like a gateway drug, I guess smoking pot just doesn’t do it for me anymore…  :lol:

  • I think risk has its place, or places.

    I started playing risk as a kid, when my friend had it and we never even read the directions.  We ended up coming up with our own rules that were closer to A/A with some attack defend rules like Imp. Leader mentioned.
      We played it for years (even using the actual rules at times) until that day when at a hobby shop we saw that glorious box of A/A and jumped right in. 
      It is great with a bunch of people who aren’t committed enough to learn A/A at parties and such, but I do think of it as more of a starting point into strategy games, like stratego.  I think alot of the variants in risk and similar games (attack!) are trying to draw the audience that is not quite ready for A/A or other deeper strategic games.
        2210 is a good variant, but I like the Castle edition better.  It is based in Europe and has a number of empires to control rather than continents, along with cards that give additional reinforcements, diplomacy, spies, admirals, generals and such.  You pick a capital to place your castle chip in, and attacks can only use 2 dice in sieges.  A very nice twist on the classic.  And what was cool was that it had the Europe map on one side and the classic on the other, bonus!
        I’d like to try the Star Wars and LOTR editions, the Napoleon edition looks interesting too.

  • I thought risk was awesome! Then I found A&A classic, later I moved to A&A revise, A&A D-Day….

    I like it b/c its a strategy game you can start with at a young age untill you can move to more complex games like A&A. Like many of you said it has its place, I’m just not there any more.


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