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    Re: Declaring Casualties

    However, I couldn’t find anything on selection obligation. I assume that if there are 3 hits generated by a side in a combat that there is an obligation on the opponent to assign those hits in such away that allows as many hits as possible to be assigned. Example:

    1 carrier and 2 airplanes defend against 1 sub and 2 planes. Defender gets all 3 hits, but carrier hit can be applied to either the sub or the planes whereas plane hits can only be applied to planes per no destroyer.

    I am unable to find a rule disallowing the attacker from declaring a plane as a casualty for the carrier hit, declaring the 2nd plane as a casualty from the 1st defending plane hit, and then declaring that the sub cannot be taken as a casualty for the 2nd defending plane hit. (Beyond the argument that it is against the spirit of the game)

    Any help here?

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    You must assign as many hits as possible.

    Per the Europe 1940 Second Edition Rulebook page 19

    Step 3. Attacking Units Fire
    Roll one die for each attacking unit with an attack value that didn’t fire or submerge in step 2. Roll for units with the same attack value at the same time. For example, roll all units with an attack value of 3 at the same time. An attacking unit scores a hit if you roll its attack value or less. After the attacking player has rolled for all attacking units, the defender chooses 1 unit for each hit scored and moves it behind the casualty strip. All units behind the casualty strip will return fire in step 4. As many hits as possible must be assigned. For instance, if 1 cruiser and 2 submarines attack a carrier with a fighter and score 3 hits, the defender must assign the cruiser hit to the fighter and the submarine hits to the carrier. The defender may not assign the cruiser hit to the carrier, as the subs cannot hit the fighter and 1 sub hit would be lost.

    Bold added by me…

  • @andrewaagamer excellent, thank you!

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