[1914] National Objectives for Spain, Confederates, and China?

  • I have been using Lion in the Trenches national objectives in my 1914 global games, but I have maps that include Spain and the Confederate States of America (from Harry Turtledoves novels) and have also been toying with the idea of making China a full nation as well. Any ideas for national objectives for these countries?

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    @spitfire probably could give one for control of D.C. for CSA. Maybe a Sea Zone that borders a main port empty of enemy units for breaking the blockade.

    Probably control of GIB for Spain.

  • @barnee Thanks for the replies, the CIS ones sound good, and I like the idea of Gibraltar actually being important in 1914. I might also give the Spanish objectives in North Africa to motivate them to spread out a bit more. Not quite sure what to do with China yet, but they will probably be with the Central Powers (I know they weren’t historically, but it balances the game better). I’m thinking maybe I will give them IPCs for capturing Korea and parts of south Asia.

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