• I just got into a lengthy discussion with 1942 online about aaa guns in a space with no other units being attacked by an aircraft being automatically destroyed without firing at the air unit. In 2015, Krieghund put together an official list of clarifications that were supposed to be in subsequent printings. The current version available at https://www.avalonhill.com/en-us do not have the clarifications. Does anyone know if Krieghund is still active here or where I can find an official copy of his rules clarifications published by Avalon Hill or whoever owns them currently?

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    Hi @nerddog

    Yea he’s still active. If you do the @Krieghund thingy it’ll notify him

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    @nerddog Unfortunately, WotC never updated the online versions of the Rulebooks with the latest changes, and Hasbro has placed those same versions on their website (Hasbro took control of Avalon Hill from WotC last year). Additionally, Hasbro has not placed the FAQs on their site, and I’m concerned that they never will. I have contacted them regarding the importance of providing the FAQs, but I have been met only with silence.

    I have provided the most recent versions of all of the FAQs, including those for the out-of-print games, to this site for publication. As of now, they have not yet been posted, but I’ve been assured that they will be.

    These FAQs should contain most, if not all, of the clarifications you mentioned (including the one about AAA). However, since they will not be on the Avalon Hill website, there will be individuals who will not consider them to be “official” (there were some who didn’t consider things on Larry Harris’ site to be official), even though they were previously published on the WotC site.

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    @krieghund @Nerddog

    For any strange reason the link provided in the first thread of the stickied topic


    still links to the FAQ document (PDF) of November 24, 2014, that AFAIK is the latest one that ever had been published.

    However as this link probably will become invalid anytime, it is still a good idea to publish this sheet here.

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