• I noticed you can go from Sz101, Hawaii and San Francisco directly to the Sz around Samoa. From there you can get in two turns to the money islands and Philipines (with a naval base built).
    This can be a huge surprise for the axis. Imagine US building up a fleet in 101 ready to invade Europe. When Japan declares war they suddenly converge with the pacifix fleet around Samoa and gong from KGF to KJF.
    Plus part is your reinforcements don’t go via Hawai where they can be attacked from the carolines so you can Chuck transports and navy.
    Down side is UK Pac needs to buy an Naval base.
    Not an all winning strategy but one guaranteed surprise .
    Plus if you keep building reinforcements in 101 you can always divert to Europe.
    Just a brainfart…

  • @cornwallis Huh interesting idea, might have to try it out sometime

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    Well, now it isn’t a surprise anymore…☺

    I would like to see your overall United States Strategic Plan for the first 4 rounds of play, that includes this scenario.

    It might work if the Strategic Plans for United Kingdom, ANZAC and the Soviet Union are well coordinated with the United States Strategic Plan.

    When you have played a game with the “Samoa Strategy” I would definitely be interested to hear the results👍

  • @the-captain Well, with US by turn 3 i can gather 4 fully loaded carriers, one BB, 4 destroyers , 3 subs and two transports around Samoa. This off course in case Japan started the war on J3.
    *UK Eur: no taranto but tobruk strafe plus destroy the tpt around malta. Put blocker around malta and greece. Carrier to Sz81 and activta Persia (buy one minor IC on egypte, and the rest on london.) Goal is to built up fighters in egypt for Moscow and built in the Med to annoy italy.
    *Uk Pac: buy 5 guys and activita Sumatra. Goal of UK Pac is to defend India and stack Sumatra (3inf, one AA by end turn two).
    *Anzac: take JAVA turn One and stack it with 3inf and AA by end of turn two. Goal is to gain time so Japan can’t take all islands in one turn. ANZAC 1: buy Tpt + move Dest and Cruiser to block carolines to Hawaii, freeing US ships from doing that. ANZAC 2 buy a fighters+inf or destroyer /Sub (whatever helps US in their plan but keeps Australia safe).
    Things may vary. You can do a taranto raid of course but sealion becomes a threat.
    US builts everything in Sz101 so making a move on Gibraltar the logic next step.
    Russia plays defensively off course. UK fighters will buy time but not indefinitly.
    Once US is in full on naval war with Japan this should give some breathing space for UK Pac to maybe send in some ground troops combined with landunits from Egypt to Russia.
    You need a good UK Eur player who can annoy germany left and right. Italy is bogged in a naval war with UK who can built directly in the Med UK2.
    It’s not a perfect plan, A good german player will take the game fast, so that’s why i came up with this move to break the stalemate you have in the pacific around hawaii/carolines.

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    I hoped that this would get US ships to the west Pacific sooner whilst still staying neutral (Japan allows declarations of war), but it doesn’t work. I never thought about moving ships from the East Coast quickly.

  • @superbattleshipyamato reaching money islands on turn 5 is not bad and pretty fast.
    Have you ever tried this or what do you usually do?

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    I try to get the ships as far west as possible while staying neutral, hence my plan above that doesn’t work.

    I usually go sea zone 10 to sea zone 30, then sea zone 46, then the Philippines sea zone by the third turn. I’m starting to question this though, as the ships usually die along with as much as aircraft and land units that are transported and flown in.

  • @superbattleshipyamato not a good idea bc you are not strong enough to withstand the IJN. But i hear you, doing nothing isn’t gonna work as well.

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    By the way, what is a “Middle Earth” strategy?

  • @superbattleshipyamato Arguably the best UK strategy in the game I’d say. There’s a thread about it and GHG has a YouTube video on it. It involves building a Persia factory and shucking units up from South Africa

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