Rule clarifcation- retreating or moving from occupied sea zone at beginning of your turn

  • Hi,
    I have a few related rules clarification question for Spring 1942 2E.

    Any power can build sea units in a seazone adjacent to a factory. So can place new units in a sea zone occupied by any surface warships.
    At the start of the other players turn, they have the option to stay in the occupied (hostile) sea zone, or to retreat (or move out of that zone). My question is: is it a retreat in that you can only move warships one space to retreat and avoid combat in such a situation, or can everything in the seazone that starts hostile move a full two spaces?
    What about in cases where a sub starts its turn in a hostile seazone containing a destroyer? Can that sub move away/retreat during combat movement phase, and if so, is the sub only allowed to “move away” one space or two spaces?

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    Don’t confuse yourself by introducing the term “retreat” to the situation you describe.
    The decision to retreat occurs during conduct combat phase (Step 6 of the General Combat Sequence).

    Your scenario is at the beginning of the Combat Move Phase - and the “Sea Units Starting in Hostile Sea Zones”-rules (rulebook page 12) apply. So this is about combat movement, not about retreating.

    And in this phase sea units can move their full range.

    The enemy destroyer of course has no effect on the submarine’s movement here - as the submarine is already there - and does not enter or move through a hostile seazone containing an enemy destroyer.

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