USA income determined actions 50 ipp

  • Sorry if there is clarification elsewhere, I couldn’t find it. Italy is not at war and wants to park its transport in sz 74 to threaten US. Is sz 74 within 2 sea zones per American income determined actions at 50 ipp. Thanks

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    @kmtnt Looks like 3 sea zones away to me. So, I’d say, no. Not sure if that’s been clarified, elsewhere.

  • @captainnapalm I think so too, but it seems kinda shitty Italy can attrack the US mainland before they can do anything with the transports

  • @kmtnt another question. After allies retake Paris does that become the free French capital, and return to regular France

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    @kmtnt Agreed, I’m not sure. I’ll ask on discord. But remember, below 50 IPP, nations can get even closer.

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    @kmtnt said in USA income determined actions 50 ipp:

    @kmtnt another question. After allies retake Paris does that become the free French capital, and return to regular France

    No. Paris does not become the capital again, while the war still rages. It does turn Free France back to a major power, though. Tech roll(s), Strategic Naval Movement, Lend-Lease, etc.

  • @captainnapalm However, if FF hold any continental French territory, that counts as their home territory so you could LL there.

  • @captainnapalm thanks for going out of your way to help me. I made the same move last time I was the axis, at the end of the game so the US can’t really do anything except spend a lot of resources protecting the coast. Seems like the 50 ipp rule is there to prevent that and is written poorly? Idk maybe house rule it since it is a pretty boring strategy for Italy as well

  • @kmtnt I can’t seem to stop thinking about this, I feel like there is something I’m just not getting. I’m going to try to elaborate the question a bit, hopefully I can get someones opinion.

    Italy has stayed out of the war and on the second to last turn it decides to place its navy, with a few transports,marines and planes in sz 45. This will threaten 6 U.S. land zones on the last turn, and can cost the U.S. at least one if not several more victory points.

    1- On the U.S. turn are they allowed to attack the Italians in that sea zone? (per USA income determined actions at 50 ipp - May engage in combat with German and Italian forces in sea zones within 2 zones of the U.S. east coast without a declaration of war).

    2- If the U.S. are not allowed to attack what is the purpose of that particular income determined action?

    On the strategic side, (if Italy can place their navy there) is this a cheesey move? Or is it up to the Allies to make sure Italy is threatened enough where this would be a bad exchange for Italy? (in this game the Allies have preferred to reach Europe via Iceland, and it would be unfortunate if the effectiveness of this route was reduced).

    Any insights would be appreciated, thanks again

  • @kmtnt If italy moves to the middle of the Atlantic on the second to last turn, the USA just builds some 8 tanks, some bombers and fighters, and they’ll be able to take back whatever the Italians take; The end result of this is Italy’s Atlantic venture, which probably has taken a whole game to build up, is now countered by the USA doing a big tank buy at the stage of the game where its buys do not matter (as whatever that is bought on the penultimate US turn isnt affecting the game)

    Furthermore, no matter how much Italy can bring to the table, the USA can respond much better to take Italy after Italy blows their load.

  • @insanehoshi I am definitely overthinking this I agree, mostly because that particular U.S. rule for income doesn’t make sense to me.
    The U.S. won’t get back one victory point due to the Monroe Doctrine.
    And in this particular game The Allied navies were far from the Med because Italy stayed out of the war.
    It is true the Allies can make Italy pay if they are prepared for it, but then Italy just never goes to war, ties up some Allied resources, and gets most of their victory points anyway. Idk, this game hurts my brain. Thanks for your input

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    @kmtnt Per the developer, “The short answer is that you can think of it as an extension to the “US-involvement” rule at 35IPP. It has nothing to do with threatening US mainland. I won’t go into more detail, but note that all of this has been changed for v4.”

  • @captainnapalm ok I’d say that was case closed. Thank you very much. Looks like I will finally get some sleep tonight

  • @kmtnt Try attacking the Japs with the French fleet.

  • @kmtnt the last turn of the game the 50 IPP thing wont be in play anymore because the US will be at wartime income. they should be able to declare war on any nation they wish (although we know the case with Italy) , but also as others have stated: if the US is threatened by Italy (and attacked) they can easily respond.

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